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And then outside the building, you know, you go back to that situation tobacco is probably a better word for what happened between the Lakers New Orleans around the trade deadline. It seems like New Orleans is unwillingness to work with rob was a part of the reason that God is messy as it is. I don't care what sort of business you're in. If you know, if if you have to work with other people, and the other people really don't like you that seems like a really bad jumping off point. Now, he's going to survive. It looks like so maybe you know, if if the Lakers can put together a package that people find attractive, they'll do it, regardless of their personal feelings for rob. But it's it's a weird dynamic that this whole thing exploded the way that it did that magic abruptly quit the way that he did. And. Rob is the last one standing and now you're hearing all these whispers Rob's, not particularly well, regarded it's the Lakers are in a really weird spot on the court like what they have as far as the young core. What they have with LeBron what they have with financial flexibility is really really attractive, but everything else all of the palace intrigue that's gone on in the last few weeks is is is really unappealing. I think and I and I would imagine if I'm a coach I don't know if I wanna get involved in that because the expectations are through the roof. The reality is the worst team in the NBA for the last six years. And and I don't know if it's a great job. Just in the sense that you're gonna go in there. Everybody expecting you to do a lot. And I don't know if you can at this point talking to Travis Rodgers covering the Lakers as we react to the Luke Walton firing Travis I is there a chance that the team once they've made these new hires is better off because they can point the blame at Luke Walton. And Magic Johnson and say this is a fresh start or are there free agents who are going to be looking at this and saying too much chaos. Too much unproven front office relationships. We don't trust putting our career in the hands of a team that doesn't have any burden of proof yet. Yeah. I think that's the best questions there. I think that you look at the guys that are gonna come free this summer, and whether it's guys like Kevin Durant, and like Thomson, and Kyrie Irving, and then there's other guys like Anthony Davis who available in trades, and why would seeking to do if you're going down the list of all of these guys. I don't know if option a is the Lakers for any of them. I'm not even entirely sure that option B is the Lakers for any of these guys. So you're talking about even before all of this. Maybe your best bet was you know, your option see on some of these guys, listen, then you throw in all of this. And I always kind of on the fence about whether to stay in Boston or whether state and Golden State or Toronto or whatever it is. I'm just I'm doing the Lakers, and the clippers this is certainly going to be if there was a tipping point is put one way or the other. This is gonna push you the wrong way. I don't think there was anybody on the tipping point to begin with. So. Yeah, I mean, I the the players I I would imagine I don't need to be a part of this. And then the the coaching. I I don't know what they do. I mean, they got a young you got a bunch of young guys that you need to develop. So there's a development aspect of this. And then you've got arguably. One of the greatest players of all time if not the greatest player of all time and he's seventeen season who does not suffer. Fools. Who's not looking to rebuild is not looking to have a coach in a rebuilding process. You gotta have a guy that gets LeBron's respect right away. It's an almost impossible situation. Travis Roque before we let you go..

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