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In fact, the devils spice rack Kathy in the north hills. You're on Katie k hi, hi. How are you? I'm fine. What's what's the matter? You sound down. No, no. You're just tired. Okay. Yeah. Going to bed. I just wanted to show that I know Eric Kathy the owner of I don't know him personally, but I run down and. Has a company that I think has been totally blessed by God. And I think it's great that he stands up for what he believes. He believes what he believes. And he supports what he's supports and he's entitled to this. Company and he's extremely successful. And it just you know, if anybody's out there trying to harm his company shame on them. That's how I feel. You know? It's just Biblically. It's not right. Well, no, no, no, no, no way. No way way way. See? That's right there Kathy is where you start to have people squawk. Well, that's too bad. We are supposed to procreate that's created the human race for to procreate, and we can't procreate if you're two men two women. So it's fine. I don't know why people are like that. It could be environmental. I have no idea. So God looks at us as breeders. I don't think God wants to people to procreate breeders. Oh, he wants us to have family and have loving family. And you weren't says too. Procreate and to create a beautiful world. That's not exactly what's happening. But. You know, he's gonna come back to keep watching the sky, Kathy. Kathy. Children when his race is confused about what sex. They are. He's coming back, which I've got a question which races Jesus. Jesus is every race. The only difference between racer is the melatonin in your skin. That is the only difference, and that's written. We're all we're all born. We're all born in the image of God. Right. What would you tell somebody? And now, I've got a question. I've got a question on. What would you tell somebody that looks you straight in the face and says, I'm gay and I've been gay, and I've known I was gay since I had any idea about anything. Told you straight up they were born that way. I think that that's fine. I'm not saying anything against them. But I'm just saying that Eric Kathy has a right to just know that. I absolutely I absolutely agree with you your company if you want to run it through a you wanna run it. Right. I wouldn't to somebody. That's gay. It's not for me to judge. It's for God to judge what it is written. It would appropriate in the can't happen. Anymore? Not dogs too. You know, it could be just an obsessive compulsive thing. I have no idea. What way way way being gay is OCD? I have. No. Okay. Well, now, I'm gonna tell you one's got nothing to do with the other nothing whatsoever. And to dismiss it. Well, it could be this amount. That's wrong. I totally agree with you as far as it your company. You do what you wanna do. And I meant what I said earlier, if you perceive a corporation to be intolerant you lashing out and being intolerant is not a demonstration of tolerance. That. The procreate thing. I wonder where Kim deal is right now. One of you understood that reference. Sean Toronto what ups or other? How you doing buddy? I did you understand that represents when I said I wonder where Kim deal is right now. Not really human nickel on about five different places. At once. Welcome to my world. She was in a band called the breeders. Okay. Don't know them. Still irrelevant. But thank you for the information. He's never lied to me yet. Not yet. It ain't served. My purpose yet, I'm saving good. I'll just notice on last newscast, right? They're turkey. Man. We have to watch what we hear all the time. Because they said that this guy mailed out these bombs to opponents of President Trump. Right. Why did they worded as he mailed out these bombs to leadership of the Democratic Party and their supporters, right? They always gotta bring his name in it and make him look bad. Somehow it's stupid, and we fall for it so easily because we've been trained to pick up on it that way. Well, we haven't been trained to pick up on it that way if anything is presented to you. And you grow a tolerance for eight eighty will continue to be presented to you. I would point out, for example in my case okra. Okay. If you keep buying into it. It's gonna keep getting sold to you. And that's true of all sides wondering if I could answer the question, you asked last caller, I don't know what it is the caller somebody looks at you and says on gay. But yeah. Yeah. God loves you. No matter who you are yours kid. Do it. I love you deal with it. That's heavy low, Sean, that's that's the perfect answer. And and we are all born Georgia the grace of God. Because of the original San we are. But you know, we got that going on. So and the argument, and this is what I learned in southern Baptist. You may be learned different sin is saying. Being gay if it's a sin to you. Okay. So is coveting somebody else's wiping a heterosexual way. You know, what's causing all this dysfunction society?.

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