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You don't have to notarize mailed absentee ballots sign Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay news center the Oklahoma Supreme Court today struck down the requirement that mailed absentee ballots in Oklahoma must be notarized to be valid instead the court says a signed statement from the voter is enough under current law the league of women voters filed a lawsuit against the state election board saying the notary requirement was a substantial obstacle for voters afraid to go to the polls in person on June thirtieth because of concerns about covert nineteen state election board secretary Paul zero X. argued he didn't have the authority to change the absentee voting process while lawmakers today announced a budget agreement here's Margot morado at the capitol today legislative leaders announced a budget for next fiscal year that cuts most state agencies about four percent in order to deal with the projected one point three billion dollar shortfall Senate president pro tem Greg treat says it's a far better budget than many people expected we have absolutely protected core services and we have balanced the budget in a very meaningful way the agreement calls for a total budget of seven point seven billion dollars about three percent less than the current fiscal year budget as for the governor's input senator Roger Thompson of okina says governor state walked out of budget negotiations in mid March another day with no covert nineteen deaths in Oklahoma the state health department reporting today the death toll from corona virus remains at two hundred thirty eight with no additional deaths in the past twenty four hours the number of positive cases totals four thousand forty four more than seventy thousand people have been tested Oklahoma City police have arrested two suspects in a fatal shooting that happened Saturday night in the parking lot of a seven eleven store and a sixty eight hundred block of south may the victim identified as forty one year old Josh Stewart was taken to a hospital where he died police announced today that they've arrested twenty year old trade been Conley and twenty one year old Clarence right the Oklahoma department of corrections believes to inmate assaults yesterday at two separate prisons were related and we're tied to gang tensions an inmate was assaulted early Sunday at the Lawton correctional center and then several hours later a prisoner at the North Fork correctional center in Sayre was attacked both the inmates were treated at local hospitals D. O. C. says some of the inmates involved in the assaults have been moved to the state penitentiary in McAlester the O. S. B. I. says a forty year old man was shot to death last night in ring would allegedly by his sixteen year old stepson here's Brian Gann the O. S. B. I. says the teenager was arguing with his stepfather Kristin Newton in the front yard of the residence when the voice shot Newton who died at the scene the boy was arrested on a first degree murder complaint must gogi police shot and killed a suspect overnight wanted in a homicide in Tulsa police got a tip about the whereabouts of twenty one year old to Monterey Brunner and they spotted them on a porch but he ran away he allegedly fired a gun at officers and the officers returned fire Brunner was taken to a hospital where he died from the KTLK weather center and from one storm team we do have a severe thunderstorm warning for Cleveland and Pottawatomie county until five fifteen fair.

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