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Her own experience with schizophrenia and so i'm writing from an interesting place where i am i have skits affective disorder i am also fairly high functioning especially for somebody with a form of schizophrenia um and so i felt like writing this book was really important to help people learn you know what does it mean a basic hotic like what does it mean to have us a four of the schizophrenia is is also not just about me like i talk about how to people treat people with schizophrenia in colleges lake wow does the administration deal with that uh stories about violence um a written essay about a man who was murdered by his uh sister and mother because they were scared of him he had schizophrenia and they didn't know how to deal with him and they ended up shooting him like in the middle of the night on a deserted road and they dumped to the side of the road and left and so yeah they're all these stories that i to tell and wanted to tell it i just turned in one of the final drafts the book it should be finished soon so get butts that's what i i've been working on for the last year or so but also just it's been really wonderful for me to have had written a book while being sick because it reminded me or not reminded me but it let me know that i could do it was possible tradeable i love this idea that you were able to bring this book to fruition because you knew you've done it before and it comes back to that idea of resilience and then the book itself is you know i think it's going to be impactful i think that comes back to this idea of of legacy him i guess i'll just bring it back all the way and say that obviously creativity goes into that but with this book in in this conversation you're trying to have i'm curious what is your hope for what the future looks like for people who have some form of schizophrenia what does the.

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