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There's nothing wrong with that but you know i want you for a if if if i'm a nick fan i want him focusing on basketball in the offseason because you know he can put up numbers you can really score there was obviously some stuff going on behind the scenes with the knicks that you know he wasn't happy about stuff is that what what what stuff when we talk about worn izak we talked about non deep as we talking about carmelo anthony and bill jackson are we talking about what are we talking about well i don't know i i i think the main thing was probably whether do you whether to play the triangle are not the play the tribals and i think that was probably the issue and it's obvious that either you playing the triangle or you're going to be outta town so the players gotta deal with that and there's nothing wrong with the triangle it's a glorified motion offense that's one championship so if you can play you can play in any offense and the triangle shoot suit guys that uh you know or fundamentally solid you know can make each other better can pass can cut can move um and can knock down shots crime those that do that i've i've had enough of complaining about the triangle because you know i looked at myself as a pretty good offense of play i could have played in any offense we could not run one play and out of figured out a way to your twenty points a game so it doesn't matter what offense you running go out there and play up go out there and do it go out there and play hard a figure out a way to win it needs probably confusing i i think that's something that posing gets you know he's got a ton of talent and is he going to be that hall of fame level talent or easy going to be you know the second option otherwise you're using forget act as anyone else in place for this franchise where you have the coach tony one thing the coach walks of the floor the president team comes into the gm imposed guys aside and such running his own practice that makes no sense at all hey.

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