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Dave logan kathie lee houria jack yeah we got you are you on the home phone now uh uh dope with chris the peso subversive and are you are real talk or you're you busy preparing the thanksgiving meal or at least helping now or is that neither in sort of your will now a busy it is open a before we let you go the get cruisers junior guests presented by correct dot org you know you and a key haven'ta as we like to say you haven't had a business this year every they teams have an it's happened before years but not to the extent that has happened in this year teams are really going at different players with tied ins and back said i would have to think that you know you got to stand top of your game and yet you might go twenty snaps really egged never see an opportunity to make a play on ball difficult is that reorder bright in order i've been able to make the playoffs uh uh sugar it made a lot and mary tyler lockett broke out ahead and can't be in all a game on forms on the misuse it up uh uh just not getting any action to the quite to the fourth quarter fell asleep lopare catch a follow me so rather lock in uh uh the home in order to be able to sit down the road the who were 'cause i know you have a charity event coming up to a december you wanna tell us about is it called home with the harrises.

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