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Number one if there really is a conflict between the two statutes that that is the federal arbitration act which requires that arbitration agreements be protected to the same extent as every every other contract on the one hand and then the national labor relations act which protects employees rights to collective actions and the affect of the arbitration waiver in all these employment agreed which is to prohibit employees firm bringing either a class action were a collective action under ago fairly bre standards act were the national labor relations act which liam police say is a substantive right they have under the statute hull there was an aboutface by the justice department under president obama the justice department its side with the nlrb and then under president trump they are on the opposite side of the nlrb explain how that worked oil it it actually work pretty locally i didn't think it would i thought that the accord currently frown on government putting up the administration and uh but i got away with deputy collector been serving as acting after for uh on the court started out with however there and then walk congratulated him for server cover they human equator or got up in oregon so that might have had something to do with the fact that mellon quiet but hit the government was uh the claim and that was going on behalf of the employer so as i understand it marked a the employers arguing that the arbitration et cetera arbritration knack says that basically arbitration provisions are always enforceable as it exists enforceable and these contracts do have arbitration provisions so how is it that the employee side of this argues around that 'provision of the law while the employees say that the faa federal arbitration act only entitles arbitration agreements to be enforced to the same extent as all other contracts it used to be historically in this country that arbitration agreements were frowned upon and the fa protects arbitration agreements but that doesn't mean that an unlawful recruitment can be enforced in the.

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