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You need are just a click away at guilty dot com slash BMC Solutions. 8 48. Let's get back to Jack Taylor and the Traffic center. We've been watching the accident activity in Maryland. It was on the icy sea headed in the East. Excuse me in the West bounder eastbound direction. Sorry. After Georgia Avenue, we've had activity on the westbound side. Apparently, that is cleared eastbound, though. After Georgia Avenue on Lee single file left kids by there was a pickup truck hauling some equipment on a trailer. Everything's overturned. There've been some fuel that was spilled down on the roadway, so there's a lot of equipment on the ice. The east after Georgia Avenue single file left continues to get you by now you will find otherwise in Maryland to seventies looking good South coming out of Frederick Little heavy down near 109, but I don't believe there's anything reported in the way. We're also looking good between the Beltway's on 95. Baltimore Washington Parkway was a little bit heavy, North bound passing 1 97 than to get up in your 32. 50 is looking good between Northeast in the Bay Bridge should find nothing there in your way. On Brink Road near Blunt road There was an earlier crash 100 up in Ellicott City, West found the ramp going north on 29. That was a reported accident down in Prince Frederick What was left of an accident now Signals or dark on Route four near Halloween Point Road, Maryland to 31 Follow police Direction Scheduled Works Lago Creek Parkway going to be closed for maintenance between Piney Branch Road New Hampshire Avenue. This's again scheduled maintenance in Virginia crews working hard down trees and wires in Falmouth. 17 is closed between I 95 Andrew. One police are detouring and directing Rolling Road had been blocked between Barnett driving Greeley Boulevard, West Springfield, He will find again. All lanes closed. Good news at a sterling, South bound old ox road near Overland Drive. The earlier accident activity is cleared The last scene we've had accident activity in Lorton on North bound Room one Was up near Gunston Cove. Road crews have been on scene there, blocking two left lanes had earlier signal malfunctioning. They were flashing on Rue wanted Huntington Avenue, so please be cautious. Rolling through their emergency work is continuing in the district in North East from yesterday's water. Main break, the street is closed between Bladensburg Road in South Dakota Avenue, fixing the road surface update on the rails. Mark Camden trains 8 46 and 8 49 both running 15 to 20 minutes late to the single tracking restrictions from unscheduled track work. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer Termites called Home Paramount Pest Control for a free inspection 888888 home or visit home. Paramount dot com. Jack Taylor. W T o p Traffic little Steam here again today. Let's get our forecast from Storm team for meteorologist Lauren Rickets. Yes, steamy today and tomorrow both today and tomorrow that Heat index Mid to upper nineties Too close to 100 degrees.

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