Sirte, President Trump, Kelly discussed on The Lars Larson Show


You're gone when he decide you're gone there is no due process it does not exist now if you wanna was uh you know sirte that you were fired for skin color or where you go to church uh or a michael disability you may have a case the your civil rights are adversely affected by no due process but if you're simply being fired because something about your background a reputation wise is so you know unsavory that you need to go you need to understand there is no dueprocess for that legal f as as my friends who have worked to lighthouses previous and it worked in this one has sake you serve at the pleasure of the president and if the president decides for whatever reason that um you're on your gone and this applies to political appointees throughout the executive branch foot but this issue poher's conduct isn't the issue here general kelly's conduct is the issue and eat is entirely relevant now to ask what he knew and when he doing and if knowing full well that these these allegations were out there about porter they will play he was planning on promoting him or even grooming him to take over his own job then he is not serving the president well you know they're a deal are is i as i explained in my in in mccollum today where today there were people who were observing that general kelly represents a course correction in the trump white house from the chaos of of the early days the may have gone from a position where too many people had access to the president to one in which not enough people have access to the president and this as as longtime observers of of white houses no destroy long prime ministerial chief of staff role whether you're talking about johnson new um whom we used to refer to as the government governor of the united states or don league under ronald reagan or now general kelly under donald trump that dance sh perhaps this debilitating too president who needs to hear more than one point the appeal then the chaos that existed when ranch priebus and steve bannon were doing for power inside the west wing on do you believe that the kelly new this from the by via fbi background check and asked a porter about it and porter did the denial that he's done publicly now saying this didn't happen the way you know they're alleging.

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