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Appears more people are volunteering to help run the upcoming election in Montgomery County. But even with a spike in election judges, other help is needed. Are you a Republican voter who lives in Montgomery County? The board of Elections is asking you to apply to be an election judge. We need bipartisan teams when we do canvas activities after the election. Jim shall Agus, president of the Montgomery County Board of Elections and other need, he says, is for volunteers who are bilingual. You know, our county has a multitude of different languages that people use. Now, even though it appears that staffing is in good shape for the county's 11, early voting sites and for the 28 Election day voting centers, which will be added Shalit says he does encourage anyone still willing to help to step forward. People call in their sick, their car broke down, so we want to be overly cautious. Tohave a reserve bank to Mike Murillo, w T o P new 9 21 New Tonight. The police chief in Portsmouth, Virginia. Angela Green is now on paid leave. That's nearly three weeks after her department charged the state senator and several Others from the city's black community with trying to damage a Confederate monument. Police say the case against state Senator Louise Lucas is based on remarks she made in the hours before protesters ripped heads off Confederate statues and pulled one down, critically hurting a demonstrator. Lucas and several others face counts of conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument charges that were reportedly filed without cooperation from the local prosecutor's office. Supporters have said the felony charges against Lucas are legally week. And politically motivated. Renaming Virginia's route 29, known as Lee Highway 25. People are now part of a working group to get that job done. They include the Arlington and Double A C P president, the owners of Lebanese Taverna and a land use attorney and legal counsel for Arlington Democrats who will chair this group. They start holding virtual meeting September 16th and they'll run through the middle of January. You can watch those meetings. The group has also released a video that explains why it believes Confederate General Robert E. Lee's name should be removed from route 29. In Arlington. The burial ground of one of the Confederacy is best known leaders gets a new name. Lexington, Virginia City Council members, including Dennis Ares approved emotion, which will rename Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery as Oak Grove Cemetery. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson owned slaves and fought to defend that right. He was buried in the cemetery not far from the Virginia military Institute more than 150 years ago, Jim Krystle is CBS Does the Chesapeake Bay is getting an infusion of cash to clean it up and keep it clean. Islands. Congressional delegations has close to $4 million will fund a number of different projects to improve the bays health. They include expanding the tree canopy in Charles County water quality restoration in Montgomery County's Glenmont neighborhood and an urban forestry program in Prince George's County. Lawmakers call the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, a national environmental treasure and the driving force. Behind Maryland's economy. Still ahead tonight, a milestone for our job situation. How many jobs is Marriott cutting in Bethesda? Also in money news. What's happening? Toe a local Neiman Marcus location All ahead for you at 9 24 visit MinuteClinic for affordable care with everything from strep tests to sleep assessments, plus pick up prescriptions and other essentials, all in one place. Kind of like how you take care of things all in one place two lunches, ready laundries.

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