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Highs in the mid eighties seventy eight and dry right now. Did you watch any of the game last night charity busy? But did you watch did naive? No way first half, which has got awful. Okay. Until about a minute forty five left in halftime. Tyrod Taylor left the game with they headed they had take him out with a concussion protocol. But before that they were booing him, and they were chanting for Baker Baker Baker Baker Mayfield comes in many, forty five less than half their down fourteen to nothing. I who passes right on the money. Moves them down the field. Bring in their new field goal kicker that they just got because he fired the other guy who couldn't make anything last weekend. And he kicks a field goal right before. Halftime. And I'm not kidding. He kicks it, and it starts out wide left. And I'm thinking, oh man looks right back in any makes it. Fourteen three at halftime. Did I watched very little of the second half because I flipped over to watch. Jim foresight on on the record. Have you check that out? Oh, yeah. That's great stash a good show. I watch cut the conversation. And then went back and checked it when they came back from halftime saw a little bit of. And then went to bed got this morning. I went oh my gosh. They did a guy had to walk outside to make sure it wasn't very cold. I thought man because they looked horrible. Horrible. They couldn't do anything. Tyrod Taylor looked like he was lost. And then he got a concussions are put him in concussion protocol. Don't know if you had a concussion or not, but congratulations to the Cleveland Browns. I win and six hundred and thirty five days any we're actually favored going into the game. First time in three years. I believe. Yeah. I three years they were they were favored to win a game. Well, when you're playing the jets and it covered. The jets are pretty bad. But they cover there were three point favorite and they won by four they covered. So this is facing. I it's it's a party in Cleveland this weekend. I bet. Those beer fridges. Oh, no. No, no. It's just a one time. Those opened up and I'm telling you. And there was a possum in the crowd at the game last night. Really? Yes. Yeah. Some guy. I mean, it was up in the crowd. Everybody's freaking out guy goes up by the tail carries over they put it in a box and take it out. Okay. How a possum gets into? Did. He have to have a ticket. That's what I want to know because you know, the stadium policies. Everybody has to have his every seat has to have a ticket. So come on. How much for the possum? All right. Guess what will change in the weather coming up next week? Every day's.

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