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Then every on france was it 1992 pull up a squad is what's putting the paper he shed today no one would accept un troops in los angeles but are there was a big enough global crisis they would pull up henry kissinger quote um bilderberg event hundreds were quote on un troops in america well guess what folks here it is here it is right now with all of them saying we're going to have unesco come in through the police departments with with with federal control and use the federal forty two then order police departments that we've bullied and demonized at attacked to shine on to strong cities and go under southern poverty law center adl un control just like with eulex said they want them in control the internet and those the same groups that control of google facebook and twitter censorship now and they want to cover up what they're doing because they're directing the takeover commissioner in talks with un to put troops on the streets of chicago the united nations as a track record up protecting minority populations dislike the united nations came out and shoot our pyo things talk about suing texas for daring the stop illegal aliens porn across saying you don't have a right to have borders we the un will direct the third world population was are migrant board that than order your government on who to let in there it is 1991 in heavy on france i said ninety to see my memories of perfect today americans would be outraged of un troops entered los angeles restore order tomorrow they will be grateful is especially drew if were told there was an outside threat from me on whether real or promulgated that threaten our very existence it is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver the rebels evil the one thing every man fears is the unknown but presented with this scenario individual rights will be willingly relinquish with a guarantee of their wellbeing grander them by their world government henry kissinger addressed bilderberg meeting the on france may 21st 1992 neither shell well we don't know that paper that got that leak was right okay well here's two thousand seventeen december 19th cook county commissioner richard boy can is in talks with united nations officials who explore.

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