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MFA museum of fine arts is a delightful place to visit any time and there is a new restaurant there that you might want to take it yeah we all we all have been there hopefully to feast our eyes on some of the most beautiful art in the world and now you can actually go up stairs and feast on some of the greatest food in the world that the the read recently redesigned restaurants faces calls for sixty five bar and restaurant for sixty five being the address on Huntington Avenue of the museum it's as you would expect artful beautiful comfortable they have a a bar they have a patio they have a little rentable space but the the real thing to come for is the food they have small plates large plates things to share the bar up front has a local favorites like Sam Adams and down the cider and a drink called the ginger trail which is really spicy dance moves they also have a lot some great mock tales which are nice if you stop by in the middle of the day and can't you know be able to tell your day guys from your because I was as it were but the the food is terrific they have a a su viewed watermelon steak with with fat and pickled jalapenos they have a grilled chicken Pyaar to fully dressed to Tunis was salad it's it's really a great place to that ago while at the museum or just to go for a great meal on its own thanks what a wonderful trip thank you so much Matt all part of conscious corner WBZ Boston's newsradio place in Illinois coming to the rescue of military veteran James Nicoletti who had fallen on hard times reporter Morris apparel of WBBM television with the story Nicoletti was having a crisis he called the Veterans Affairs hotline because he had just moved back to Illinois he wasn't getting his military checks yet that's when Burr when police got involved and when officer and told our responded he was shocked to find a veteran was sick and hadn't eaten in days and sleeping in his bed talk as a human being that the it didn't seem right to me officer told our got his colleagues to donate clothes and furnishings even helped Nicoletti get a job another NFL player making headlines for all the wrong reasons the New Orleans police department has rescinded its misdemeanor simple battery warrant for Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham junior it started late Monday night at the Superdome where LSU one college football's national championship in the post game locker room victory celebration Beckham who played at LSU appear to swat a security officer on the backside video was posted to social media the police department now says the security officer involved has decided to drop the charge but Michigan CBS news thirty two degrees sunshine in Boston were headed for a high to the mid forties today power out in the area of Boston city hall WBZ's art cone will tell you why along with the rest of this morning's news coming up next at nine thirty anyone running.

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