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Save made it i know the kids at school it aboard a couple with ten minutes a little different to a motion by the way so last night forget this game for second the o k three which you call so westbrook finally just like i'm just going to score whatever i want to do and melo last night at four points on 6 shots hip paul george didn't know anything and this was one of those games where westbrook's like man i'm just i'm is going to do what i'm onlu actor last year he just went back to last year and he's like a good or bad they won but i mean that looked like he was saying oh himself cab done with its ride i'm thirty games in it a working i'm just gonna do my thing we have to we've said it but i think we all have to embrace the he is allen iverson and the way you built around allen iverson who allen iverson didn't have a ton of postseason success noted the one year he had great success when they lost to the lakers in the finals they a team around him just perfect for him grinders defenders rebounders spotup shooters guys who are happy just doing their role steven adams like clash steven adams is a nice fit with westbrook but guys when you can do something on your own like you can create ios shot and you you might be able to get 28 game is going to be difficult playing we russ shower anybody that dominates the ball like that but when you care when you you have to he has to create everything for you the you'll be perfect for him they're gonna have to realise look our best shot at winning big with russ is to build a rally in this area would be a bunch of three in diguise keita steven adams i think they need to look it i've talked about trading paul george but would houston we talked about.

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