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Mitch or tweet us at at Mitch Albom show. Now, here's Mitch. I wanna apologize for the order in which I put those two non sequiturs together in that sentencing. Dave be here. Let's at eleven sister. We try to be gracious host. But that's really kind of that is inappropriate what we meant was and our producer. She has eleven year old sister who's a big fan of yours. Big fan of full house and wanted to get an autograph and an Anna asked me before the show like five minutes for the show. Hey, would it be all at my eleven year old sister came in and got his autograph to which my response was estate cool. Yay. Coming in. That's not much. I know about my own show. Humming along guys. So I said sure, which I assume would be all right with you. Yeah. Absolutely. Anything anything for kids? All right. So that's what we meant by for the children. So we're in the break here. Dave just wanders in sits down and announces that he is moving back to Michigan. And found the piece of property today. I did I found the property were closing today in closing so Wesland. Yeah. Right. You're the only person. Wesland. That's gateway gateway to what? No. Taylor's back. Yeah. Absolutely. It's no Inkster. Hey. Their motto making Inkster. Look, great gateway drug, we got a red, Robin. What are you talking about? Whistling. There's nothing the matter with Ziegler source, which is kind of like Roseville with a view. But this is where you're going to return. I well, we moved from Los Angeles a year ago and went to Payson Arizona, which is a small mountain community north of Scottsdale, and it's beautiful. The topography is incredible and hired an architect with the intent of of building a beautiful home there in the mountains. And then I got a call from my buddy, Dino Cicero, and he said, you know, there's a piece of property you need to come and take a look at here on lake Saint Clair, and I looked at it. And couldn't believe it and bought it, and though you had the property in Arizona. Yeah. And an architect. Yeah. In so he's just having him bring the plans out here because the architecture and zone is so similar to Saint Clair shores, it real there are times when I go through Saint Clair shores and say am I am I in a Mesa? Yeah. Does the adobe the adobe finishes here the petroglyphs on the mountain walls? Yeah. Arizona's losses are gang. Because we're glad to have you back home. Thank you. You know? Well, that's right. So nice. I have wanted to. I've wanted to move back home since I moved to California forty years ago. I don't get any I've traveled everywhere in in my standup years and Benda every major city, and I never get the same feeling as when I come back home. Family. My my dad is still sitting in the same chair when I left forty years. Say you'll be back. Better is when you came into the say where you been. Eleven o'clock curfew. Oh, no, no cigarettes. Lots of childhood friends. Great people here my family, and I'll start skating, hopefully, if the Red Wings alumni guys have me back. We'll be doing some more charity games. And I'm just excellent. Couldn't be more excited number number earthquakes. You've been through everybody goes deli and goes back bibles through six quakes laws. Did you keep the number in forty years? I was in the big one you in the big there. On their nineteen ninety four. My underpants ended up on my head. Believable. That's an earthquake. You talk about a fault. Wow. I was in the big one. I had a house in Santa Monica anything that was made of brick completely collapsed. And it happened at four in the morning, and I walked out into the street after the house was shaking and all our neighbors were out with flashlights and pajamas in there just like they all had their underpants. Look same thing. Fault. Well, you won't have that now, but you'll be able to count how many snowstorms you go through an giving year. And my dad will be able to count the freighters going. Yeah. That's what my dad likes to do as the entertainment world. We're telling the Dave cool. Yay. The world changed to the point that living in Los Angeles or New York for that matter isn't as mandatory as it used to be zip become as mobile as many other fields..

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