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Or on Sunday we were like. Not. Breaking Beauty, the podcast all about the breakthrough, people, products and moments and beauty. We're your hosts. Jill done and Carleen higgins stay needs to local. Let Hey, everyone, welcome back to breaking Beatty podcast I am one of your co hosts Jill Don. In our show is all about the breakthrough, people, products, and moments in beauty and right here alongside meet virtually as always is my co-host. Carleen Higgins Hey Carleen hydrogel. We are really excited to bring you. Another epic founder chat today were speaking with Meco branch co founder of missed Jesse's haircare MECO launch the line in two thousand four with her late sister, t t branch. T sadly passed away in two thousand fourteen, and the name of the brand is actually an Ode to their paternal grandmother Miss Jessie who I nurtured their love of hair products with her homemade concoctions that she created right around the kitchen table. The brand would become a pioneer designing styling creams, moisturizers and deep conditioning treatments, not for one specific at Mississippi, but rather the myriad of curls and diverse textures that live in the world from curly to Kinky to wavy and everything in between. The Jesse's has earned a lot of celebrity fans to everyone from Alicia keys to Lupita Longo to Zendaya, and some of you may know Miss Jesse's iconic early pudding. That really was their first product ever. It's an elongated cream to help combat curl shrinkage, but their number one bestselling product is the pillow. Soft curls inspired by. Get this fabric softener technology for your hair, so stay tuned. Tuned as Meco tells us all about that product, and at the end of the episode we're going to phone a friend, fellow, beauty, editor and curly girl angry. Williams is going to help us out with a review of the product. Since we ourselves don't have curly hair. The first you'll hear from me, go herself. Who Women's wear daily has recognized as one of the most influential? Influential Women in business today and she was a twenty fifteen honorary of the Ebony power, one hundred plus Meco is a dedicated philanthropist. She's partnered with the new urban league to create the Tea Branch misjustice award for Excellent Scholarship and the United Negro College Fund in support of their scholarship programs. She also regularly supports the N. Double ACP the Studio Museum in Harlem and so many. Many more in today's episode. You're going to hear how Miss Jesse's took a family.

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