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The NFL much like a Colli Leonard or a Paul George. If you can guarantee money to a player who's had injuries psychologically, they'll almost always take it. Now, Carson Wentz could have easily said, I'm going to wait a year and a half Patrick Mahomes is going to make two hundred million bucks. I'm not leaving sixty million on the table, but a smart GM knows the psychology of injuries. He knows and good GM's. No, this players rarely rarely say no too early guaranteed money when they've had injuries. And Carson Wentz had a major college injury. He's had a major NFL injury. So he not going to sit back there. And wait. He knows all it takes a rush from Dallas to come in chop that leg. And he'll never make this money. So how he knew I'm not only signing him early. I'm going to sign him a couple years early and he's going to bite on this. If Carson Wentz at never had an injury. Ask yourself. Why would you sign it? Just wait wait one year year and a half signed for two hundred million. Well, why would you sign it? I'm not saying Carson Wentz is making a huge mistake. I'm saying injuries psychologically, play a part in this. It's why I think Kawhi Leonard has a chance to stay in Toronto. It's why I think Paul George to some degree thought I'm not leaving forty million on the table and going to L l okay. See and get guaranteed money. That's the first part of the psychology one on one. Here here's the second part that really smart. It's very Bella. Check in. Very bella. Check in you ever seen this, where you turn in your homework early. I'm done you put it on the table for teacher..

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