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Explaining enlightening people I, think more likely people is. It's gotTa be good Claudia. I agree as a good media made. See you know proven history to really connor get messages across and connect people and. Now I really need collar worker how to use that for my. For my myself rally. Talking about performing now, how are you going to take yourself forward? When you written this? You'RE GONNA perform in this lockdown social distancing light that we all leasing at the moment is crazy world. Of been trying to record an album for the last five years and every year, I said right. This is going to be the last year I work on this I'm GonNa Finish it so lockdown crash. She gives me quite a good excuse to come and not get distracted and go gigging every weekend, so I'm working with a book. Studios Brilliant Guy Kula Tim bond his helping me with and I keep sending them annoying messages, because he is kind of doing some work for me separately, and is birthday today so I I need to give him arrest. I guess I'M GONNA hopefully get this album out. We share and just really focus on my I kind of kept away from doing video gigs at the moment, but that may change the see how it goes just bombed, trying to keep focused on the album, and of course, some of the some of the pumps, the venues that that we all know and love that the flying pig the Portland arms. They're struggling at the moment. They've been actually fundraising in order to keep going because they're still got to pay the rent the incredibly difficult and it would be awful if we lose these. Venues. It's just such a way of life. In the tried Friday the is such difficult one, but such vital. Communities, yes, the amount of people that I made connect with because of pubs because of the flying pig, because of the Portland Don's. Because of other places you know the corn houses. Give me great I'm GonNa miss some somebody out now and the. Old So venues, aren't there. Election started o'malley. non-exhaustive list then. What plans have you got then? Are there any plans or are you still kind of in limbo at the moment, just waging from things to open up. In Kane booked in freckle, actually the Golden Boar, and upping the hoping for that to go ahead just now door event in our minutes convict. If you're lucky to have the space just thinking of the drive in the drive-in performances. It seems to be the in thing now, doesn't it? then. You've got Kinda Gigs unpeopled people like to drink beer. Designated driver. That can be an issue. Then you've got the news. The kings for the lose where everyone has to get out of their car. and. Show someone's thoughts about this more than I have. been suspended organizing it and losing..

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