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By his gone. It's a one hundred sixty million dollar plan to build a new park and improve transportation. Joshua Curtis says the city's office of the waterfront told the council how much it would cost property owners in the neighborhood and median condo owner would have a one time assessment of one thousand nine hundred dollars. They chose to finance that with the city of her twenty years that would end up being about eight dollars a month, plus financing, of course, he says it would cost commercial property owners in the area a total of fifty nine hundred dollars which they can spread out over twenty two twenty years. Opponents say the cost should be spread out across the entire city. Not just paid by the neighborhood property owners businesses along the waterfront also say the dry weather earlier this week helped to soften the economic blow of the viaduct closure, but many shop owners in that area. Fear, wet weather. We'll keep the customers away when the crew start demolition on the viaduct. Mike Osborne owns south CEOs produce. There's a ton of apprehension of what's going to happen. When it starts raining and win the three weeks turns into five weeks sub shops and restaurants are tried to draw in more customers by extending hours or offering deals or parking vouchers while highway ninety nine is closed. A semi truck slammed into a median barrier on I five at Tacoma overnight. This happened near highway sixteen where there have been several bad accident through the construction zone. Komo's Carleen Johnson filed this report from the scene it was just before to this morning. A semi truck driver lost control slick roads from the rain. He hit the medium the cab of the truck actually jumped the concrete divide slid down damaging the medium. There was a diesel fuel spill to it took hours to get everything cleaned up and get the free way back open Theresa Lewis lives here just above the freeway. She says this is really a bad spot. This is ridiculous. You.

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