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It's five thirty in good morning to you. I'm Patrick Osborne. Topping Austin's news. The hunt continues for the man accused of murdering Newton California police officer Ronald Singh who was shot Wednesday during a traffic. Stop Stanislas county sheriff Adam christianson says saying who immigrated to America from Fiji was killed by an illegal immigrants officer saying is the shining example of what immigration in America should be. This is a young man who immigrated here legally it was his dream to come to America. It was his dream to be a police officer. And he worked hard to achieve that goal. And unfortunately, he sacrificed his life trying to defend and protect his community the alleged shooter's name has not been released Christians and says that'll be withheld until he's one hundred percent certain. They've got their man now on that note. More police officers are apparently dying in the line of duty national law enforcement officers and Morial funds says one hundred forty four officers were killed on the job over the past year. A twelve percent increase across the board. You see increases in every category of law enforcement deaths. This year. Firearms related deaths. I showed a thirteen percent increase over last year's numbers CEO. Craig Floyd says there was also an increase in traffic related fatalities. Several officers struck outside their vehicles. Dozens more also died from work related illnesses in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News. A partial government shutdown is now likely to stretch into the new year the house and Senate were in session fewer than five minutes Thursday. No votes are expected until at least the middle of next week. After New Year's day, the needle has moved towards a very long shutdown just because of the impasse that were saying house freedom caucus Republican. Mark meadows says President Trump these border security is constitutional mandate democrat Jim McGovern tried to force a vote on a short-term spending. Bill Democrats will step up to the plate act like professionals and do the responsible thing. But a democratic Bill will likely have to wait until the new congress convenes on January third on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, FOX. New Austin says goodbye to an icon, Richard Overton, the oldest world living. World War veteran has now died Overton who had been hospitalized with pneumonia died in Austin rehab facility yesterday Overton was born in bastrop in one thousand nine hundred six and served three years in the army during World War Two. He spent the majority of his life in east Austin in a home, he built in one thousand nine hundred forty five he credited his longevity to God. But said cigars and whiskey helped Overton was one hundred twelve years old, Eric like NewsRadio. KLBJ death of Travis county deputy Jessica hall is four years ago during a flood here in the Austin area was not far from the minds of first responders yesterday who had to rescue one of their own from floodwaters near manner, captain Willie Taylor says two years ago, flood rescue kits were made mandatory in every deputy vehicle during flood events that.

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