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Right. The thing holds twenty thousand people four thousand people gathered around people in the shitty seats are now in the good seats, and they're watching and it's now like two in the morning or some shit, right? And you've turned it around. Yeah. They they stayed until the end they stayed till about one thirty in the morning. And when was the moment, we said, I'm in his head, man. I got this. I just got a focus. So once once I got back in into the third set, and I was down a break and almost two breaks. And and once I got back into that. And things things got even you know, there's. Things that happen in a match. Whether it's, you know, one call or a noise or a clap or something that that you feel turns it around and and one set did, you know, my my confidence and everything even though I was still down to is just lifted and at see his shoulders kinda slumped a little bit. And he says, you know, this match should be over. I should be in the in the shower should be out getting something eat this an old, man. You know, I felt I felt everything that he was saying in my head, you know, so I'd also, but, but once I got through that, you know, I kind of took that as business as usual, you know, that you know, that was down two sets. I was lucky I got I got in a good grind and was able to win that match. But the next day I got up early couldn't sleep. I got up early went practiced in and in Boris Becker. I was on the third court, and he he came from the first court down to the third court and shook my hand and says that that that was some some play in. Last night. And I'll never forget that because you know for him to come and do that. I said Jesus something might happen there. You know, something good happen there that you know, for Boris, you know, and I'm prince force. We've been friends for the gives you more confidence young. Yeah. I said, geez. You know, salsa. I'm kind of starting to question myself. What happened there last night, you know, but but the thing about it is from that point on then I I was I was in the middle of that hurricane. I was in the I I didn't I didn't really feel you know, what was going on around that whole. And then you beat Michael Schapper shapers. Yeah. And that was pretty easy ill-will. I won my next two matches in straight-sets straight-sets. You know, when people are going what what's going on here, the something special happening? Well, it was that was good because I played almost probably four and a half hours with Patrick. So you know, a couple of times it was better. And then and then I played played my friend Aaron Krickstein and fourth round, which was now this is one of the he's about to go up two sets to none, right? Yeah. And. He had this thing. He knew that. He and again, you could see when I was watching the match. I could see that face. There was something he missed the shot that was one of the overheads that he would get ninety one hundred ninety nine percents. Always nailed and he missed it. And were you shocked where you absolutely shocked that he missed the shot. You never know. What's going to happen in a situation? Like that. You know? I mean, that's that's why the difference between number one and number one hundred is so such a fine line. Right. You know, the, you know, does does the Stefan Edberg who who won the tournament. Does he make that you know at that time?.

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