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Him take care of and smooth over some of the bad shooting nights that everybody's going to have. I think that's helping him. How many player of the month? Would I have to give him before he stopped being Tobias Harris in your mind, like what how many I think back? Got I've got a string together like six or seven players of the month. So that he can. He's able to it'd be the enemy. But I'm just saying, that's I otherwise he's still Tobias Harris Harris is good though. I mean, I'm not saying just to buy I think he has to make an all star game. Right. I think that's the that's the step that he is. He hasn't read the juggernaut on the juggernaut clippers like that that come not sustainable because he's Tobias Harris. I think it, you know, they're the number right now they're tied for first in the Western Conference. So they are the juggernaut. And they are not one of those teams are doing it a little bit differently than other teams. And so I think the part of it is that is sustainable is there not one of these teams. That's just getting hot shooting a lot of threes and things like that they're twenty-seventh in the league in threes. Made. That's not how they're doing it. They're on the attack there number one in the league in free-throw attempts. Those kind of things are sustainable as a team and as a player, so I would argue that it is sustainable now. They're not good defensively. And they've started to really drop off their now in the bottom half defensively. That's where they're going to have some problems. They're susceptible to injury. They're not real deep. But but the way gallon Ari and Tobias Harris or plane and mantras herald off the bench. They've probably got the best defensive back. Pat. Beverley they're they're good. I mean, they've got a chance to be good. You're saying names that have been around for like five years, and they've always been these people you, and I what I'm telling you is that at the end of this conversation at the end of this month, and at the end of this year, the clippers will still be led by Tobias Harris. And that's not good enough. I would disagree with that. You know, I think it is good enough. And I think they're look I don't think they're going to be in the top seed in the in the west where they are. Now. I don't see that. I see him, you know, probably not even getting a home court in the first round. But I do think that you know, they're going to be in the playoffs in a tough team to be they beating the warriors the rockets twice. They beaten good teams. I mean, I mean, everyone's beating the rockets they in the warriors the rockets twice, but we are in a place where if you look at the standings in the Western Conference, they're all beating each other. Like, they're all all the teams have been roughly playing it. This is how you get to a point where the nuggets and the clippers are at the top of the standing the west is so confusing right now. Yeah. And if they have a three game slid they're out of the playoffs in that confident. Well, it's not confined, you think that would be a three game slide not a three-game slid. But, but you know, you're right in terms of what can happen. That's what I'm saying. You have a bad week in this league in the. West and you could drop out of the top eight playoffs and the month is mistakes. You're left on your mistake. Like a real coach. It's not slide. It's slid assez standing Gundy, really poking in the neck, Mike. I thought you had it might you didn't think that it hurt him enough to be talked to be sitting here on national radio talking for this long about how he traded the legendary Tobias Harris..

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