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Wwl w. And you're listening to the big outdoors on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w in Cincinnati got a little time left this morning. And I get some Turkey numbers here. Chip, okay. In the south zone because we know how To's owns and right here in the south zone. Undertook about eight hundred turkeys in the first week. Okay. Opening day. They took just shy of three thousand birds in the youth season. They took a little over thirteen hundred birds. And I noticed that in each one of those cases the numbers are down not a lot, but they're down noticeably from. Last year across the board. Not sure what that's all about. I don't think it was the weather this year, and we a little more fullish this year. I think earlier well that could be but it was a little thicker and a lot of gobbling about a month before the season started. I've I've always argued that are season opens a little late in Ohio. I would agree that change it for us. Anyway, you know. All right. So this doesn't happen often. But we have a new state record large mouth bass in Kentucky cart in Harlan county by. Evert resident Mark ward on Good Friday effort that six acre high splint lake in Harlan county and congratulations to him. To to fourteen pounds nine point five ounces. That's okay. That's a big fish the big fish, Florida not happen anywhere in the country. Getting a new state record logs, you you're just doesn't, you know, there you haven't and today and tomorrow is free fishing days in Ohio may fourth and pin? So no license necessary..

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