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In the povertystricken place where they've gone ostensibly to help they paid local women for sex some of the women it's feared would not women are told it underage girls a shocking instance of exploitation and betrayal says form of a british government minister andrew mitchell this is a shuddering lay awful tale terrible on every single level if it clip says the fat that awesome is one of the most brilliant humanitarian organisations in the world but it did not distinguish itself in haiti wisdom bryant who worked there for oxfam throughout the relief operation says she frequently told her boss at the agency what she thought was going on there was a lot of women it's about management and leaders exploiting the locals are sexually so in many occasions i would share those rumors with my boss eventually in two thousand eleven oxfam investigated four of the workers involved were quietly fired another three were allowed to resign two of them went on to work for other aid agencies details of their misconduct were not fully reported oxfam's chief executive mark go bring who wasn't in office at the time says the group was at a loss to know what to do at that time use of prostitutes was not explicitly contrary to oxfam's code of conduct so there was an expiration of wool how should the organization respond the response he now admits was woefully inadequate some chris say oxfam was behaving more like a prophet driven cooperation than a humanitarian body more interested in raising money and protecting its brand than dealing openly and honestly with its stuff's misconduct they hillary bloom if the charity's advisory trust if you're healthy your charity as an operation to raise money and you think that what you're doing about money then you want to keep very quiet about it the scandals say the critics reveals how disconnected some aid organizations like oxfam have become from their primary purpose author alex perry says oxfam based.

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