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Coming up is mergers and acquisitions and alternative to going public this year. We will find out, plus we'll take a look at U S China trade talks as they continue right now though, let's head over to Greg Jarrett freight, Bloomberg business flash, Greg. Lisa west Texas intermediate just punch through fifty one dollars a barrel. But y perhaps it's the report that just came out from the the crude oil inventories fell one point six eight million barrels that just came across the Bloomberg terminal stature up across the world after the US and China concluded three days of trade talks and appeared to be closer to agreement on a number of. Areas marquel? Market field, chairman CEO and portfolio manager tells Bloomberg he for one is optimistic a trade deal with China will be struck. And that is for a couple of reasons that China went onto polyps lost. It was tightening internally and then found itself in the middle of a trade dispute. They have been reversing tightening. I think that's gonna have some effect on consumer demand in in in two thousand nineteen. But I I think the Chinese do want to settle this trade dispute with the United States. And I think we all going to have some kind of the deal in place to score values down. Treasuries your steady as investors wait for the release of minutes from the Federal Reserve's December meeting which may offer insight into the decision to raise rates and the pace of future hikes that happens at two o'clock this afternoon Wall Street time, we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day. Bloomberg radio the S and P five hundred up at ten percent of four. Dow's up a quarter of a percent up sixty three. The NASDAQ is up four tenths percent of twenty eight ten years. Up three, thirty seconds. The yield two point seven one percents west Texas intermediate crude once again, it's a two point two percent at fifty eight eighty six a barrel. Comex gold's up a half a percent ninety ten announce the end excuse me as one eight eighteen the euros a dollar fifteen twenty six and the British pound the dollar twenty seventy seventy five that's a Bloomberg business flash. I'm Greg Jarrett. You're listening to Bloomberg markets with Pimm FOX and Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg radio. Broadcasting from the Bloomberg interactive brokers studios. Our topic now is mergers and acquisitions with.

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