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The expressway continues to be pretty good. It is now backed up. This is South bound, backed up outside of the tunnel to South Bay and good after that, 14 minutes, Boston to Braintree That's really not bad at all. North found looks good coming all the way up past Columbia Road and Southampton Street on your Way up towards the tunnel. Let's check out Route three with the WBC news radio road report. Well, it's still looking good here is you head down along the South Shore down through Shan over Pembroke, Norwell, Marshfield. No big issues about 40 minutes will get you from Braintree down toward the Cape Cod Canal. And no problems after that. Getting over the bridge and underage sex Kristen AC and the WBC news radio road report Nice and easy on that lower end of one 28th You need him and dead. Um, the volume on route 24 95 south very light today up to the North won 20 eight's good Waltham up into Wakefield. 93 is looking good. No incidents reported all the way up into meth. You and Andrew one's been good all afternoon. It continues to be clear. Pastor Lynnfield Tunnel Downtown Storrow Drive is backed up a little bit coming into leverage. Circle that slow on the leverage up ran. But the lower deck the O'Neill tunnels, the Tobin Bridge. They're all good and the mass pike So okay to my king WBC's traffic on the three. Now we get a check of the four day WBC evacuate the forecast, with meteorologist Dave Bowers staves brought to us by Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com clearing tonight and colder, low temperature of 22 24. It's a cold Day tomorrow with lots of sunshine. I have 30 Increasing cloudiness tomorrow night Low 21 that on Thursday, the next storm coming up the Eastern Seaboard will spread snow back into the region in the afternoon..

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