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We're heading to LA were going to see Dr Cassese, Ian. I desperately need. Bo talks. I desperately desk. Really need both talks talks. You guys is is an art like people can really make you crazy. If you've kind of Google me, you know, a few years ago. My eyebrows were literally like spock's, isn't it spock's where they're like up his kind of look, horrible eyebrows. Okay. So anyways, Dr Kosei be and I had a couple of meetings. There had a lot going on Kashmir meetings. What have you get to LA all is good first day? It's actually pouring rain the entire trip which never happens. The only other time it's ever reigned the twenty years I've been going there was chloe's baby shower and March so yeah, you're pretty much not really closer. Anyways, you guys. So birthdays, gray all his good. You guys next day. I wake up and my back is on fire. Well, not when you woke up it was kind of. You're like, oh, man. Yes, you're like Jesus like sucks like you've you started to feel like something was out of place. Yeah. But it wasn't. Agonizing yet. It was just kind of like, so I took some excedrin Advil, and I had a couple of meetings at morning. So when I got out of the car to go to meeting at ten AM, I was like dragging it physically prevents me from walking. It's like a very you overcompensate with your hips, your whole like my whole right side was a mess, but it was pulled on the left side anyways as the day went on. Is the pain is in above your. But it's my it's inside your but crafts, basically at my tailbone. I'd say for my buck crack to about two inches about my above my top of my bustled is so that like the very like your tailbone and your low low low back. Yeah. Right. Either way we don't need to be this explicit. Basically. My asshole itself wasn't hurting, but deep inside the bones for okay? Okay. Explicit at all. So I'm like talking my tailbone. It's an keeps. Like shocking me anybody that has back pain or muscle. Spasms knows what I'm saying. It keeps like you don't wanna move 'cause you're afraid of that that one second ping jolt squeezing like your muscles to debt. Oh, hell anyways. We have to drive pretty far to get her eyebrows. Microbe-related brianna. I there eyebrows. Mike microbe-related at fusion fusion artistry, which is about an hour. Drive from Los Angeles worth the drive you guys and we're in. The car, and it's kind of like, I'm embarrassed because I love to like arch my back and sick my ass out. And this type of injury that I've been getting is exact opposite. I looked like a hundred years old with my ass topped underneath like a dog's tail between. No, it's not cute. Like, there's nothing sexy about this. We could definitely tell it. You're in some sort of pain. Yeah. So I'm I'm like, you know, stress we stopped. We get pizza. We get. So while brio goes and gets her eyebrows on I I have Croix trying to do chiropractic moves, right?.

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