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The podcast about chain restaurants. I'm nick wider. Along with my co-host Tom Yum nook the spoon man. Mike Mitchell Soup calling me a suit. It's a soup and a Tom nook reference. That's courtesy of Jasmine from were mile. Who writes hit me up for Nick? Miles tickets gotta drop the friend Code. Jasmine rose spoon energy mail dot com. You have an insult to the top show. Why Aria how're you doing? Okay do you like do you like at Tom Yum? I do a tall ships go. It's out IT'S A. It's a strange. It is strange name. It's str- I mean like I know it's it's it's it's a different language but the town you hear it in English. It's because it's on it. Sounds like a yeah. It sounds like yeah. Tom is a man's name. It's time to like a tasty gentleman. Yeah yeah but I like Tom Yum tummy. I think for me like a top tier six. Su Okay you know what I mean like. We'd like I feel like that's that's the one I feel like I'm specifically craving when I've got some sort of you know I feel like I want something hot and with a little bit of spice to it and if like Tom Yum usually the job done but yeah I'm hanging in there who your favorite Tom. Yom's Tom Cruise Tom. Yum. I think you probably have to go a little bit younger and say like a Tom. Hit allston yeah. I thought I thought it was pretty Yummy. You know hanks kind of a classic Tom and then beyond that boy. I'm trying to think of someone I feel like. There's got to. Oh I know Tom Celik. Wow who's Yummy? Your then Celik? Yeah they should he. He's the only one who should have the name. Thom I think the soup the soup should get it. Should go to sell like and that big big stash. Hardy Party is very. Hardy is a big time Tom. Yum I also. I think the hardy boys should be about Tom Hardy. He plays both roles like a like Franco in that David. Simon Porno show a Tom. Tom Hardy playing the the the hardy boys would be. I think that is a great pitch. He likes doing weird shit you know. He likes plan playing weird characters. That feels would be right in his wheelhouse. Mitch Oh we should touch on something. Real quick this breaking choose. This happened as of today's record. Wendy's has a beef shortage that's right. They're saying that that twenty percent of US Wendy's are currently not selling burgers because they can't sell they can't get fresh beef Wendy's has fresh not frozen beef kinda say. I was a little Peo- that they mentioned by name in the article. Well everyone was worried about you. They just they just wanted to include an aside that Mike Mitchell is okay. They were worried about me saying is he okay and then also they blamed the shortage on.

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