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It i need a machine that can understand how i think that i just i think out of order the way that i am oh the do you do any of us really want that do anyway once is like a suddenly felt like imagine like three more interational sophistication on these devices and we find ourselves saying oh go go go home you're you're the only one who really understand you're the one who thinks about my needs it's like you know not levin as my birthday it's called her and her i suggest you watch it walking phoenix pretty good in it don't about scarlett johansson reference i understand that they were who is the who was the actress who did the voice the first time because they replaced her dialogue and tom there was that that rather they they recorded their recorded a different actress and then for some reasons the someone didn't like it and so they decided hire skroejer handsome i'm trying to figure out what was what was wrong with that voice for was it was samantha morton was her name okay not not firing oh i i hope it was an old it's even even scarlett your hanson's voice even this even the even the black widows voice will add some marketing pizazz to this i hope that wasn't the reason i hope not yet hollywood definitely would do anything all that we should not go they're definitely not good no we never nearly we we do have one one must niece story for an extent right though is that if you talking about positive pay our and the why these big companies can actually helped which which i sometimes do let's be for tens of the fcc will actually allow alphabets project luhn to deliver a balloon lt to puerto rico's emergency ot services which i think is you want to talk about big tech companies being evil and would have rent sometimes let's face it but this is this is cold is cold of this you've got a flooding hot air balloon of same one of these at gulalai their these huge sort of see through balloon slected want us a huge that probably the saw as of.

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