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Com goldberg page. Pops up you can order the stuff through there. Obviously through the website also through gobert arroz on you to it's got all the links to the to the merge in you know we're going to be a we're gonna be offering it in a number of different places to stay tuned. Men should be an interesting ride for sure no pun. And then you guys. You're going to start feeding the youtube channel on a little bit more of a regular basis. Maybe we'll start to ramp it up figure out the much more so than every nine years. Yes i gotta figure out. You know the the right frequency of put these videos out. But i think will probably put one out once a week once every two weeks. It's gotta be great content. Obviously it's gobert arouse driven so A lot of burning rubber lot offer odeon t. r. x. mostly dodged centered vehicle stuff. But you know with overs garage. Finally being erected out in the backyard. hopefully we'll have it completed by the end of the year in the that'll be a big launch also in conjunction with earth. Well that'll be exciting. To see the able to kind of follow along and see. I know you said dodge centric. That's the sponsor and stuff here but the first video is the law man video so hell at least out the gate. It's it's ford baby know. Everybody knows that. I have an affinity for the dogs brand one hundred percent. But it doesn't doesn't. I don't have a close minded collection by any stretch imagination and you know and a lot of other people know that the pinnacle mike license is four and it just so happens to be the law me. So we i. It'd been two and a half years since. I've seen my car five years since it started. Marcus one have marcus angel. Did one hell of a job restore thing. I mean we went to links. That i never would have imagined but after two and a half years in the cars absolutely gorgeous. Got a big event. We're gonna go to in november. I'll talk more about it here soon but yeah amanda it was. It was just an epic day. It was ironic that we were launching the goldbergs garage channel at the same time. But you know first and foremost. That's that's the card needs to be on the channel so dodge ford. It doesn't really matter. It's all good stuff. You still got the porsche over there to get that thing wrapped up and we're on the air conditioner. Right now. should be done here next week. Well good you need the air conditioning. Yes air conditioning is not worth anything. Anything out air. She's not even worth it. When i was at pair. Jackson vegas one hundred and eighteen degrees. I saw people riding with the windows down. I was like if you're at work. I don't know. Maybe that helps. But i don't i just don't get the hanging out with the windows down even at night. It's one hundred and ten degrees. I'm like guys roll windows. Put the air on like get yourself comfortable miserable. Okay so the other thing. I just want to mention real quick is cars. We've been driving. I've been spending a few days in the audi r s seven. Now i drove the wagon the rs sex avant and i drove the The excuse me the suv. The r s q eight all of these things crazy performance right like they've all got. I don't know five hundred ninety. One horsepower twin turbos the interiors similar layout similar touchscreen similar. Whatever right so they've all got their rs button and they're all fastest. Hell i think. The r seven is zero. Sixty three seconds. I think the wagon was like three point one seconds. I think the suv was about the same thing. So it is interesting that you you can. You basically can walk into the showroom at an audi and go. I want the fastest thing you have. And they go sure. Do you want it in the fourtou hatch the wagon where he wanted the su me you you pick what you want Gorgeous cars as we walked up. I was taking some photos. Chris saw the seven out front. The whites the black interior. It's got all the stitching and and and all the good features in it has the heated and cooled seats. Little dog jumps into the front seat and i was going to my warehouse and back to the matt cave and a little dog sits there and looks at me like wants me to turn the cooled seats on. Its underneath underneath this little belly. He knows that he's like the seats. Not doing anything. and it's hot. It does like all right. Let me hit the bugs. I hit the button. As you see. His face is is go go rollback. It's like it's the best thing ever so apparently cooled seats for dogs are the new feature who knew it was for dogs more than it was for people so the thing is is incredible. The the rs seven compared to the previous version. I think this one is a little faster but a little heavier. And i think that's just how they dialed in the. You know the computer and how they baby. So it's basically all in the programming. I don't even think it's a gearing issue as much as it is on the programming because the previous rs seven like performance pack or whatever it was called actually had a little bit more horsepower and the mid range. Power was a little better so that you know that fifty to seventy mile. An hour jaunt was about a half a second. Maybe point four seconds faster than this one but this one just feels a little faster overall from from the line and i don't know what that translates to like eleven something quarter miles. It's fast but it's incredibly.

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