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Not act, the House will consider impeachment Wednesday, Democrats have drafted an article of impeachment charging the president with incitement of insurrection. We have a crash on the 10 in West Covina. This one is on the westbound side. Just past Azusa. Looks like this guy's going to be here for a while. It's the left lane that's blocked, and delays are backing up all the way from Barranca. Of course, there's also slowing on the eastbound side. Everyone's gotta hit those brakes to take a look. And that's serving up a slow drive from Baldwin Park Boulevard. Let's check out Ontario. We've got Michael Brian K a pie in the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Stands hiding the 60. It looks like a little before the 15 right around where it looks like about failure. Everything's to the right shoulder is still some sorting out of Chino, but it's recovering fairly nicely. 10 eastbound approaching the 15 right around Millikan very gun accident there and that stretches little extra tight back through for it. Now we've got some troubles on the 91 91 eastbound approaching the 2 41. Let's take everything to the right shoulder. But that's adding does slowing now pretty much from Anaheim Hills from the Imperial Highway on and off the Green River and the 1 10 north about it. Adam's reporting a homeless encampment fire on the right shoulder there. That's adding to slowing away from Manchester. Injured in an accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien k a pie in the sky. Hey, if I in the sky helps get you there faster. I mean to Martinez, this Arab, the John and Ken Show is brought to you by a I s auto insurance specialists visit a I s insurance dot com Today. Breezy forecast is next. Hey, it's Dean Sharp with your New year's to do.

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