Jim Colmey, Director, President Trump discussed on The Jimmy Sengenberger Show


And other outlets he's going to join me for the hour to debate the komi story in some other news of the day get some audio queued up for you on the komi story lot to talk about in that regard on that whole issue and i want to begin this evening with just a making a statement overarching statement john what we're learning what we learn from thursday's testimony by jim colmey the former fbi director fired by donald trump president of the united states in may james colmey deserve to be fired he made the case that was quite clear to any reasonable observer that there was no obstruction of justice on the part of the president of the united states and anybody who makes the argument is fooling themselves completely moreover to my statement about james colmey deserving to be fired he should have resigned if what he says is true about his misgivings about the president of the united states that is to say if he believed the president donald j trump was the cereal liar that he did not trust him that he believed he may have done something fundamentally wrong in terms of going to him and saying in a supposedly private oneonone conversation in the oval office in february of this year that he hoped that former director colmey would lay off michael flynn and he felt if he really felt that there was something wrong with that that it was an order in essence a subtle order to get off that case and that there was something wrong about that he should have reported if all of those things are true these various claims in assertions if that's the reasoning behind why colmey decided to keep record.

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