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Our top stories from the camo 24 7 News Center. Airbnb is taking extra precautions to prevent potential violence at our state capital ahead of President elected Joe Biden's inauguration, Como's Sue Romero explains after the insurrection of the U. S Capitol and the breach at the governor's mansion grounds here in Washington, Airbnb says it will look closely at all recently booked reservations in Olympia for the entire week of inauguration without going into detail about what they're looking for. Airbnb says that if they confirm that guests are associated with violent hate groups Violate community policies against violence or engage in criminal activity. The company says it will cancel those reservations and banned those users from Airbnb. Sue Romero Camo news, a Seattle police officer, was fired after he reached back to the 19 seventies to find a derogatory nickname for a black suspect. Como's Corwin take explains The Seattle Times reports. The unnamed Seattle officer was fired after he referred to the man as Kunta Kinte. A. That's the name of an enslaved black African In the Alex Haley novel and 1977 TV miniseries Roots. A summary from the Seattle Office of Professional Accountability, says the officer used the roots name plus a profanity after the incident during a discussion with fellow officers. Now the question is, will he stay fired Last week, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan complained before a legislative committee fired officers are often reinstated on appeal. It is very just settling to community and two officers if the decisions of a sheriff in chief could be overturned by an arbitrator without good cause proposed state legislation aims to tighten the union mandated arbitration process. Corwin Hey CO Moh news. The State Health Department reported Another 1817 new cases of covert 19 on Sunday that after not being able to report numbers on Saturday because of a technical glitch, the agency warns. This may not be the full count, and that numbers won't be reported today because of the holiday. That means the next total that we see Tuesday afternoon. Could be a very large number. But remember, it's spread over a few days. Governor Easley says All eight regions of our state will remain in the phase one of his healthy Washington reopening plan until at least January 25th. But Snohomish County executive Dave Summers says If things get better in his county, he may ask to be excluded from the region. That also includes King and Pierce County's Katie Curtis is with the homeless health district and says it makes sense to have the county's grouped together, though lot of our hospital systems Kind of spanning across those county Porter's anyways, a spokesperson for Snohomish County says. Based on current projections, the county will likely run out of doses of the Corona virus vaccine before the end of next week. No more news time 1 34 and coming up. I'm Brian Calvert. And when it's just too hard to say goodbye comfort, maybe a special phone call away first at 1 34 Camel Traffic.

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