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Dad businesses are cyclical and i guess so we were failing to understand the businesses maladies and that caused yunam of for us to rate for sudden months which were me quiet endeavour nor langues'o grenada's so i guess i would describe that as one of the worst moment when you are waiting and you don't have clients and your door really er you're not that experience in the early stages of the business to really identify our two businesses maladies aubrianna was talk with our first second specifically you looking back in hindsight like what's the thing you wish you had known that maybe would have helped you during that time and in what's the lesson that you want a mixture our listeners fire nation gets from your story i s uh something that i would have rarely known if uh before starting the businesses undestanding that every business s ups and downs and you have to have a dished out several lines of revenues to balance out your revenue motto so for instance taking step back and looking at it in private and banking sector and wall street there are some quarters of the montemayor the business is really busy and then there are some quarters where you know the departments of meaningful funding so you're on get business at that time so you to come up with you to put your strategy number rave mary you have additional lines of revenues to keep your claude and you're uh mitch doesn't affect your top line.

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