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We well. Hoover knows me. What you see is what you get. Momma is early stone. Don't grow a one mean by. That is when laughing you The and the clock is ticking. You can still continue life. Appreciate your loved ones and you definitely appreciate yourself. Your love is the best love cell. Exactly no man is an island. Nobody alad clo- all. I'm saying is embraced hip embrace every day. You don't what tomorrow next hour mini or second may bring but where you are now appreciate people. Orange percents say basically. This year is been absolute journey. I mean are been for some strange times up seven dollars. Lefts and rights. Mahato has actually this podcast building. If you guys you know nobody said that sharing your experiences you know. I mean just buildings brand. It's been a real highlight of my year. Do want to continue this as much as we can going forward in our building brand identity and it's reaching nuts and those people as can come know uplift or black uk community. And i mean so twenty twenty. Thank you go. Because you've just ended on positivity can we all around to say one position has happened for us this year. Do myself positive this year. I recently so literally about a month ago. I got a promotion in the water. Physiotherapy nice fifteen months after qualifying. They do when you go for sale. Promotions they always ask for two years experience with less than a year and a half. Mr stanch here so dombrowski and the working a good next for me. I guess proof to be honest. I think doesn't mean one particular event or situation. I think has been the best in town of the most positive thing just growth of had over the last twelve months has been immense learning about myself that i don't think A recall tapped into prior to this year. And i mean and obviously given this experience and this knowledge i have going forward. I think it just propels me to be even grades going into twenty twenty one on the phone. Wonderful say for me this year. What by what. I moved out last year and this year are finally started to get in certain things in order in my little place and i've also become a little baker shopping for my cake older in a a tight like cape. I always try to make them. You know i'm the i'm red solve sparked me that is my that is my i. Will you know. I'll my back for me. It would definitely be small spirituality for me just more or less finding time to just meditate and reflect on life. I'm just knowing that you know everything's going to be good. Like simone said you know just being really positive in everything in Always feel like when one door closes another one opens. Oh you know when a window is closed crack someone does open so it's more or less just not giving up and kicking does does down for me. I'll say that she has brought And never given up on hope definitely for me just being alive to be on a c. Experience jinxed like this she has been very been quarried. If you love by news has been out there and each day after. He thinks you're making you'll see a day. I'm truly grateful for that. And also a moved to mrs this year. Your hobby bro. Happy wife happy life spouse happy house no quarantine way was good is on the way to come said. Can you feel you know people talk about covert and can't go nowhere and kind of to do. I loved every moment of it. Okay i had time for myself. I slept i watched. My goal was criminal by heads. I joined it so filipa acidity. I'm signing. i'm don't take granted in perspective. You're trying to say own-account go out. I don't care what up my yard and mission guys thank you so much for your contribution not just today but from the whole yet Spin a blessing to be a part of this if you guys seen in series to two thousand twenty one guy..

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