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Router tells fox that he feels responsible for being unable to reform others that he'd converted as followers securing america who actually provided inspiration for the charlie hebdo killers ferry benue to found radical islam when he was having an identity crisis rattled by his father's heavy drinking and was seeking a different life as young teen he became a salafi preacher two of his disciples were the quashie brothers who went on to massacre twelve people at and around the charlie hebdo magazine in paris in two thousand fifteen before that both venue to ensure efe kuwa she were arrested and jailed in prison venue to began de radicalizing while kuwa she's views hardened ultimately venue to claims he attempted to get quashie to drop his extremist ideology but failed to feels a sense of responsibility with is i who gave him the ideology who encouraged him at a time to go to iraq when he had doubts i help dispel them benny to has helped iraq allies thousands of extremists in france amy kellogg fox news roman polanski and bill cosby expelled from the motion picture academy under new code of conduct rules polanski pled guilty to having sex with a minor in nineteen seventy seventy one a best director oscar for the two thousand two movie the pianist and cosby was just found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in two thousand four checking in with the nba playoffs lebron with another double double against the toronto raptors canes on the cj miles whole courtesy of espn jeans with the and one there is part of game high forty three points to go with fourteen assists he would finish rebounds jive the triple double as the cleveland cavaliers cruise past the raptors one twenty eight to one ten and take a two zero series lead back to the q and the second seed in the east boston celtics pad their series lead to nil as well where they won two one three win over the philadelphia seventy sixers celtics rallying from down as much as twenty two to win that one matt napolitano fox news overseas stocks are mostly up a bit dow futures dale eighteen poison i'm chris foster fox news.

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