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We told you that we were going to get to the best of the rest in college football hit a whole big slate a game. So we're going to, we're just got to push it back a little bit. Khalil Mack. Great. Raider pass rusher. There've been talk of potentially him leaving Oakland. It's happening. A source tells Adam Schefter that he has been traded to the Chicago Bears Mel. What's it mean. You know, I think for Oakland and John grooten in his first year in drafting guys like art and key inning off the edge and Hearst and hall on the defensive line. Feels like, hey, I wanna see what you got back because we talked about, oh, they're gonna get two ones. I thought that was not going to necessarily what they wanted to get a one, maybe a conditional high, pick or conditional high picks depending upon performance. So definitely a one. You gotta lock into that one. There's gotta be a one coming from Chicago and Ryan pace knows he needs a pass, rush, wonder, Floyd is he'd been the guy yet, so they need a guy can get after Aaron Rodgers and get after Kirk cousins can get after Matthew Stafford's about winning your division being competitive and getting it done in your division, beaten, those quarterback story, not beating Rogers cousins and certainly Stafford unless you get a pass rush. And that's what Khalil max forte is bears haven't had it. They make the move spouses better navy. You're gonna get in the draft when he's an optimum level. I just want to say what the raiders get back and it's got including one and then conditional high pick or to two years ago. Khalil Mack was the defensive player of the year and an early this morning. I just starting not even early, really started brewing about twenty twenty five minutes ago. You're starting to see in tweets. Guys like Ian Rapoport of NFL media. Albert breer of Sports Illustrated talking about may. The bears are getting interested. The bears are talking the. There's something to this team here, and there was a clear simmer starting, and it ends up happening according to ESPN. Adam Schefter a source telling him Khalil Mack traded to the Chicago Bears. This makes them a lot more interesting, doesn't it? Because I know you kinda like this team. Now they got the roquan Smith deal. He's not holding out anymore. So he's part of that linebacker group. We think an improving offense. You're too from Trubisky. Now you bring in a premier pass rusher. Suddenly those offensive lines of the lions and Packers Vikings. They're going to have to deal with him twice a year now. And I, it certainly makes things more interesting in the story. I think back when we came back in in the middle of August in the first show back about the linebackers we talked about even with draft, they linebackers with roquan Chicago, the bears monsters of the midway Bill. With line by the Butkus is the about Earl Aker you think about single, Terry, and Otis Wilson and Ron Rivera, and Wilbur Marshall when they were great. It was linebackers. There were two staple and now like, say, roquan and now you have Khalil Mack. So now you and Leonard Floyd if he emerges. But the bottom line is that's what this Chicago Bears team has been defined by great linebacker hall of fame linebacker play, and then you've got two guys in roquan and in Khalil Mack that had that hall of fame type of talent that URL Acker and single -tarian Marshall and Otis Wilson and buck this all brought to the table. Absolutely. So MAC off to the Chicago Bears. As broken by Adam Schefter and there was also I mean plenty of other news this week, right? Aaron, Donald and the Rams agreed away. Monster deal six years. One hundred thirty, five million of those numbers six or one fifty. I mean a ridiculous contract. The biggest ever in defensive player history. So the Rams have Aaron Donald. They're spending money all over the football field. And that's a team that has right now built for a run to the Super Bowl. It's a huge move for Gruden not to keep Khalil Mack and the bears of the beneficiary. Again, trade talks, it'd been really heating up over the last day or so for Khalil Mack..

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