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And now it's the twenty nineteen hall of fame class led by Vince young the Texas quarterback rocket is male the Notre Dame returner and receiver Patrick Willis, the ole miss linebacker who went onto solid NFL career with the forty Niners. The other player. Here's Florida state, Terrell Buckley. Oklahoma defensive back Ricky diction London Fletcher from the small colleges he went on to long careers. NFL linebacker Jacob green at Texas. I n the defensive lineman North Carolina State wide receiver Torry. Holt Arkansas running back Darren McFadden, probably the youngest player inducted. He was just at Arkansas little more than a decade ago. Arizona state quarterback Jake Plummer USC defensive back. Troy, pull a Malo. I think he played linebacker USC. And then went to safety or was it. Yeah. I think I well anyway, it was very good Wisconsin offensive lineman. Joe Thomas and Michigan state running back Lorenzo white. Dennis Erickson who won two national championships at Miami. And coach virtually every school in the Pac twelve. And Joe Taylor was one of the best HPC. You coaches will also be in the class who. Ryan who's your favorite guy on in that group? What story do you think of those names? Well, I need to say to your missing one. There's one other. It's the first time I non player coach has been inducted the Goodyear blimp is going in. Yeah. Get your people breathlessly ran up to me on Monday to let me know that I need to when you make sure we make Mitch into that. I'm excited to see Darren McFadden going in. But I I have really enjoyed over the last couple of years getting to know, Vince young. And you know, we have hall of famers and we have Heisman Trophy winners. And we have great players, but there are certain guys that when they walk into the room. There's there's a little bit of royalty to in. Vince young is one of those guys and worked on a piece last year. But the the anniversary of the great Rose Bowl with Texas in USC and solvents just the other day. And I just think there's there's I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. But I'll say this guy's that. Didn't win the Heisman who changed the air and the stadium. I mean, see low. I'll never forget rocket is Milwaukee out and standing there to get ready to return a punt at Neilan stadium. And they're playing see which team is gonna leave that building number one in the country and him doing some sort of funky dance. Like standing out there by himself in the middle role at world like this jerk and he immediately returned to kick back like seventy yards for touchdown. But rocket Bill he's he might be. He he is was a forgotten guy to an entire generation. But maybe the best athlete I've ever seen on a football field. It was a ninety game in kneeland St. in nineteen ninety that Notre Dame when great football game talent all over the field on both sides. They it seems like it was a pitch or a quick toss to him to the right side. He left vapor trail down the right sideline that it looked like he was shot out of a cannon. I've never seen a guy turned a corner that fast and hit the sideline and everybody on the field beside him. Look like they were running in quicksand. Well, almost ten minutes bringing up father. So I'm going to bring them up now in the in the in the Orange Bowl that year Notre Dame, Colorado. This was not the rocket Israel return. It was called back the next year because dad wanting to phone that flag, but the year before which is a game that Notre Dame won and defeated number one, Colorado. Dad's always asked when he talked to touchdown club's the best athlete you're on the field with. And he always says there was only one time that the entire crew got completely turned around like got behind the play. And it was a toss week two rocket Israel, and they just weren't prepared for his speed because there's a rhythm to officiating. Just like there is to play in a football game. And he turned the corner on a toss. And everybody's kind of like, okay. This is the play. And next thing, you know, he was gone and no one on the field like everybody got completely turned around. But he's he's never seen anyone go from zero to one hundred like he did. And I'm glad to lease name covered the game..

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