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To twenty two sore. Erin, PICO matched up against Adam bridge with the lead up the sun, the Hungarian almost completely, and actually an PICO as well. Obviously, what's your take on barrages ability? And about the heights. He can ascend to in his division was his win a fluke, all how you would go. Thanks again. For doing great jump, and come. Visit someday. Yeah. For sure by me tick. Okay. First of all, that guy had to be a pro broadcaster. Right. Yeah. That quality that was ridiculously better quality to our show is okay. So was a fluke. Absolutely not. I just went through, and showed you like every small hole that peco was leaving it was like, oh, you're like, well, PICO didn't control enough. So therefore boards got out. You have to recognize the opening, and then you have to recognize what to do about it. If you think, like, for example, if I took someone off the street and I had a blue or purple belt, control them that blue in a purple belt is not going to have the same kind of control, as let's say the recent you have see Saini adult Vieira. They're going to miss things. They're not gonna have as tight control. Is that person off the street going to know what to do? There's going to sit there and get destroyed by some by some purple belt. They're gonna get mounted and then choked out or, or whatever arm broken. But that doesn't mean you had the exact same level of control. There was a dip there. So my point being is. It's yes, there might have been some pieces to peco's game missing in the application, but board recognized all of them and reacted to all of them. Now have there been someone like Habib on top of them maybe would have been a bit of a different story, but I thought he actually looked really good. And again, he's had multiple flying Nikkei owes at this point. So that's not an accident either. He's good. Very good. Yeah. And yeah. And he's only twenty five men and he's at a great camp. I think he could be like something big for were in the next couple years. Twenty five years old is nothing nothing healthy. You know, man. And I wonder how big it can be been to Budapest. Never or good things who Depeche nice for democracies have a little trouble with old Victor Orban. But, but yeah. No, I I there's nothing fluky about it now. Yeah. How good is relative to the top of that division? I don't know. I would love to see him in the tournament. I think it'd be great if he was there pretty. He's also pretty big. Like if you saw him in person compared to people he was a lot bigger. Jesus goes, how big would you say, for one, the forty five on the small size because he's I'm whereabout like the same size as far as like always. He's all more muscular than I. But yeah, yeah. He case you didn't know. As far as body frame. Like we're about the same high. You know that sort of the same size in, in, in that regard in when I talked to him. He seemed a little parched. He's he was he was having trouble with the way cut. So or I don't know. No, no, PICO PICO. Yes. So it was kind of weird, because it's like I feel like you should be making this not comfortably. But, you know. Right. Bora was cutting twenty pounds right? Yes. Boy, the fresher fighter, but, you know, I don't know weird. All right. A couple more of these. Yeah, yeah, let's do it. So something interesting that came out of that whole fight week was, first of all, just across promotion in general, and then Scott Coker had a few things to say. So let's discuss that. Hey, Luke, Danny Mito from Washington township, New Jersey how he's doing the question here for you. So recently shockers an interview and said that he wouldn't be opposed to Bill to verse UFC that nothing just wondering who would be your top pick for a main event. What would be the most interesting, and your guys opinion for about three or fighter? And. UFC. Flirter..

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