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That is it moving forward of they are they doing it for sure well so they are looking for their environmental impact report will attack report will look at bus only lanes from Chatsworth to ninety percent of that thirty six mile route would run in a bus only lane I I call it the mother of all road diss literally at thirty six miles or die across the valley good god yeah mostly along or off in the valley and then in and then hit Lanker turns out Lankershim to get to the red line station north Hollywood and inform Lankershim it'll run down into Glendale across Riverside Drive then up all of them have in Glendale and down Glen oaks are to be in Burbank and then down Glen oaks and Glendale there's a couple different routes to get the Glendale to get down to Colorado Boulevard and it's mainly Colorado Boulevard on the past you know and you know some of these roads are still the way that this conversation's been framed by the people pushing this is that you know nor also seven lane road why can't we give up one lane two buses and enough well technically that is true there are parts of north off that are six lanes with a center turn lane that runs for a small section of the street most of what we're talking about here is a two lane road I'm especially the north Hollywood the past you know route and if you look at eagle rock for instance if your ability to lock it's two lanes in each direction there's a fifty six thousand calls per day road trying to cram all that traffic in the one lane in each direction to just be a nightmare and then it would move less people I always say if you look at the maximum number of people that you like it per hour every bus was full to capacity standing room only were using the largest bus in the fleet they can move seven hundred thirty eight people per hour in a bus only lane and right now we're moving eighteen hundred people eating her cars per hour in the in that lane in just one point thirty six hundred cars for our right to say that again because this was yes four track I got left yes well take a bus with twenty people over a car it's like no no no you seven or fifty people every.

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