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That you need to swim. Prior to having the watch. Because i've learned the hard way what i don't get it. Yeah what does it mean says. Yeah no it says you can swim with it. And i said i just wanted to let you know you needed to know how to swim without it as well. So you don't drowned right because you drowned because bill. Because i can't swim all right. I'm tom cat. And this is the covid kid with me. No shit at work breaks. No billy stuck at home for two fucking weeks. that's cool. Yeah that's super fun. This porn drink. I got i got a spritz. It's called splits and it. It's it's flavored cider. it's hibiscus lime. Going fancy going. Fancy for all the bitches man i fucking hate those brick excited to us all right so we're here with the cova kid and the tomcat and we're going to start getting reading the don't have covid. He's getting tested. We don't know if he has already got tested. Yeah well yet. It's probably negative. It's probably hiv positive. Probably all right so we're going to get in the black falls river. It's a curse town. This is pretty fucking weird shit so let's just dive right into their So between eighteen ninety nine hundred and ten horror arrived in the town of black river falls. Wisconsin wisconsin who arrived. the horror. Said thought you're talking about a person. I thought you were like the horror arrive. No so showed up honor donkey. Dick seems it seems like a lot of shit happens is in wisconsin. Like ed giddins from wisconsin. Jeffrey dahmer from wisconsin. This fucking cursed town from wisconsin. So yeah so. It's it's a small town me. It's a mid west town and everywhere. Though everyone's every towns or towns got their claim to fame of serial killers or. They're they're not every time but every every time does have an street remember that. Every town has downstream according to fray cougar. Yes i don't think that's true all right so it was a mining town lumber industry but like when these minds and lumber industry shutdown leaving people unemployed ultimately causing the banks to fail as well. So we'll get into more of the details of the town. In general it's located in the west the us state of wisconsin just thirty nine miles north east of Layla cross is acquaint. Small town black roof falls. The town was founded in eighteen. Thirty nine by a sawmill. Operator named jacob spaulding on the land he had had once belong to the ho chunk indians or native americans or indigenous people. But in this research that i have it does say indians. That seems like a lot of work for a sawmill operator. I'm gonna also create a town. That's that's my. That was my minor in school. We'll get into it a bit more but like because they built on native ground theories that this is that the natives put a curse on this town when they took it while we have that in branford there. Yeah incomes in you curse them. There is a big. That just got built down the street from you there. And i was on hold for like five fucking years because they found ancient artifacts and then it got built so i can only imagine like somebody's gonna be playing basketball and there and all of a sudden boat their ankles break and then they fall on the floor and then they get dragged through the puck and like so. Don't dribble no balls. My kids were sleeping so they were a simulated and they kind of dissipated essentially by european settlers pouring into the region. The town began to thrive as a booming sawmill. Industry took off along. The black river and settlers came in droves many of them german and of norwegian descent looking for a new life in this pleasant well-to-do town then starting from around like i said eighteen. Ninety something happen to this ideal place. Some dark cloud came hovering over and suddenly out of nowhere. The town would be utterly bestowed and besieged by chaos disaster calamity insanity suicide-murder derangement in mayhem is this like are they just saying all this stuff just started happening. They never had mayhem as soon as eighteen. Ninety hit everything shit. Hit the fan rough. So it's supposed to be. The one of the most recorded are the most curse salman ever recorded cotonou downward spiral of horrors. That would last the next decade. It started with the closing down of several sawmills in the area after a series of incredible bleak and cold winters. The people who stayed behind in this freak weather were faced with bitter cold and approaching starvation. So it got super cold and then what to do as well as an offset of an epidemic of disease always disease disease so many as well as a major flood which ravaged the area. The previous rather pleasant town of which newspaper reporter had one said. Nowhere is as great as this. If of ours was nowhere in this great continent of ours can be found such a more. Desirable residents in black river falls. It's the nicest place site trees grass. It's got it's got slaves. It's literally this time. what's your back. Then they're like their housing market. It would be slaves per capita sterile. We're gone nine slaves per square footage in this. This would just be coming out of the himes of slavery but you know they still they serve the opposite way. Then maybe like. Wow there's no slaves here everyone over so for. Everyone knows how to make bread. Yeah everyone is so nice. And when i shop there's only why people which is nice but when i go outside there's many of those black folks walking around and we enjoy their company so like so. Why is it nice that they weren't in the coffee show because it's especially back then. I like to enjoy my especially back and saver and it's just like it's over. We want them to be like we want everyone to be equal. They're not allowed to go in this restaurant and sit next to a white person or eat with them and it was atrocious. Obviously when did segregation get cut off. No i mean. I mean like yeah like rosa. That was the watts riots and stuff in the sixties personal. Why she yeah. I think it was the thought. It was earlier in that i think it was the fifties or sixties i. I think it was the sixties to be honest but i up. Could you imagine that that. Like just walking up to a fountain that's labeled white or black stupid. Like what the fuck saying. Oh yeah no. I don't get no disease. From white people white people are clean. Point okay so it is crazy for dirtier new people. Probably the brad pitt would probably kept healthier by staying away from the white people for a little while. I know with all their smallpox and disease in falling apart so rapidly especially this time with the hatred. towards natives in indigenous people in general is not good either. This is a terrible time for indigenous. People just like you know we were just europeans. Taken fucking everything and spanish.

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