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And if you want more information about the trevor project you can visit online at the trevor project dot org and if you are or know someone who's a trouble gay or trans team. You can contact the trevor project. Twenty four hours a day. They have free and confidential counselors standing by the number is one eight six six four eight eight seven three eight six. You're listening to radio. Gag the gays against guns show here on listener sponsored commercial free radio. Wbai we're here. Every tuesday at two thirty bringing you the latest in gun violence prevention movement news. Find out more about working with us. Please go to gays against guns dot net or follow us at gays against guns new york on facebook and instagram or gag. No guns on twitter. Good our website learn more about our gag mission events and fundraising also be sure to check on our human beings facebook page where we are all lines lost to gun. Violence can come to a meeting. Our new york meetings or every other thursday at seven. Pm our next meeting is thursday. August fifth where we will be planning all kinds of great actions and protests. So please join us. Everyone is welcome and indian all gag events and all are welcome to come to gag meetings another great way to get involved as by becoming a..

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