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And and I never in my wildest dreams believed that Clemson would be sitting in this position right now where it's not about just a national championship. What I took from Justin ROY. Awesome. When he was spoken to and what he spoke about this prior to the national championship game. They asked him why he want to come to Clinton, and he talked about the family kind of atmosphere. The fun love coach and a programmed any plays for and he talks about having a good time. Nick Sabin is phenomenal. He is one of the all time greats and some people's is the all time great. We get that. And there's nothing to dismiss or poo poo about the Alabama crimson tide. But when you look at clemson's program, I think the biggest thing is that a guy like Justin Ross left Alabama to comment play for your program. What do you think that says not just about you? But what's going on at Clemson? Because you've got a lot of kids out there that are looking at Clemson differently. Down. I mean, we I think we saw guys there's this year in this classroom. I think fourteen different states. So I mean, we've we've gone to Pennsylvania and got the top player in the state. We got the top receiver out of California this year Josephine God at the top receiver out of Florida. Frank lanston. I mean, we we've gone all over and but getting Justin Ross last year was was huge for us. I mean Trevor Lawrence last year out of Georgia number one player in the country. So, you know, we we we recruit guys that we think, you know, fit our culture, and and we're transparent 'cause I won't go to know what they're getting into when they come in here. What the expectations aren't it's just really cool to see young people that are just great great football players and highly recruited and all that. But yet they still they they walked family. They won't discipline. They won't structure they want accountability. And and you know, that's not that. That's that doesn't mean that that's not a a lot of other schools have those same things. But it's just really cool that our brand has grown to that point. And guys know what we're all about. And you know, for young man like him to to want to come and be a part of it. But he knows that we're explosive on offense. He knew that he would be able to come in here. And I have a chance to to grow in mature with Trevor Lawrence and along the way, and and he came in here and got behind T Higgins, you know, he had he's the second freshman I've had to have a thousand yards the Sammy Watkins, and and he was a backup. You know? He backed up t Higgins most of the year. And then as the year went on we kinda had different packages where we got them both on the field at the same time. But he's an amazing talent those catches that you saw the other night. You know, that's like just, you know, another day at practice for what we see around here. And he's a great kid with a tremendous work ethic. So much fun to coach and man is going to be fun to to work with that guy for a couple more years does a couple of more questions for the great one dabbles. We need a coach. Rainy, defending national champion. Clemson Tigers right here with Steven. Here's Penn radio ESPN news..

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