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Welcome back. We're continuing our special episode with Love Advice. Sometimes people ask the Internet for some crazy advice and of course we do our very best to help them or just make fun of which piece of advice is worse okay. One press a fork parentheses firmly. But don't break the scanner anything into different parts of his body is but sheiks. Loehr Cook Dinner Topless apply little bit of tomato sauce to your nipple. Make sure it's too hot spicy. I have breast. That don't even fit into Victoria. Secret Me Marinara on these things. I mean he's a whole jar. So thank you for life afterwards so we picked up the ones you want to go ahead and get some Marinara on your nips. And you're doing the fourth have to. I guess I don't WanNA clean that. Well Nina's forecast tonight a to remove your vacuum attachment so it's just a plain of while you're wearing underwear. Have him turn it on low for a sexy sucking? I've gotTa Dyson me apart across an Ottoman Intel. Professor wanker ten. I've been bad and I need a wanker. Ten Coma Profess Wang Continue. He would call me Uber regular viewer. You'll know that are trends with benefits. Segment is a nightly pop staple it is. You'll also by trends. We mean weird by benefit. We not so much well. Someone finally thought of a solution. Brock coolers are freezing ice inserts for your bra genius apparently these boob coolers will yes it'll make your prostate fifty eight degrees which obviously begs the question What temperature are your boobs naturally? So I brought in a better to choose. Just put it under. I know you become ninety one degrees bitches. We have a stupid game are sadistic producers forced to play for our Halloween episode. I do It can. The box was really a way to torture. Us With Trivia. And y'all go to hell. Dogs didn't get to keep in her divorce from Liam to four. I'm GONNA say three though a guaranteed I'm not the furthest it says y'all have to guess at what it is. You think you're getting closer but you still have quit making a role if you don't want to put your hand in the box. Be Better at guessing. New Rule New role much. Is this casserole dish from oops seventy dollar so I got A? It is nine hundred dollars. I think it's five hundred and thirty five dollars. Twelve hundred twenty dollars also and then strolls. Don't squeeze no large holding of big Michael Brazi. You guys take it away here. You see me. We're making eye contact. Its Own Chinchilla Chinchilla. Nope trauma for one show. That's a pretty day all right. That's it for our special show tomorrow. We'll be back with your normal regular scheduled nightly thank you for speaking with us for one hundred and whatever episodes..

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