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The story often about when I first came to America and how completely the straw was to see homeless people sleeping on the side of the street because I never imagined that I would leave she can come to the United States and the first thing I would see would be homeless people and so it is I'm all see on our country homelessness is a moral staying I didn't make someone homeless did you yeah did you did you make it almost I didn't know I didn't either we did make anybody homeless so we didn't do anything wrong in fact I probably do more to help my fellow man on her show no I think we need to allow people to bear the consequences of their own choices so it's not she can stop what is a moral stand if we want to talk about morality is having an affair in your husband and then also like married to one guy while you're doing taxes with another guy and then you have to you illegally use campaign money to hire an attorney to help sort the mass out then you get caught and then they they decide that you're guilty the election board and then you have to pay a fine and then afterwards or spotted like getting cozy with your aid or whoever the hell that did was give me an then going through a divorce if you told me you're not going through a divorce maybe not being faithful in marriage or not staying in an honoring your vows if you want to talk about a moral stain there's one look at that oh goodness but media won't do that because media sacks as the only do it to men in the same way that they are all in for helping Hillary Clinton so I saw this not just me of a lot of people were you saw that New York times when they were going on about defending her where a concern Tulsi Gabbard this one Melissa this one article that ran they were trying to smear Tulsi Gabbard and trying to say that somehow that dude that David Duke weirdo had endorsed her somehow and this is the hello and Hillary Clinton was running with it she was on a podcast with David Plouffe used advise a Bronco bomb they were suggesting that he was they were grown men are they were saying all the smears and all this stuff including and I was just talking about and that's when she had said Russian assets that Cedric tundra so they the US and they smeared Gabbard and then it was reported everywhere it was everywhere Washington post in everywhere and now here's what was weird the they when it when she was talking about I think they've got their eye on somebody who's currently in the democratic primary that was a direct quote she was talking about Tulsi Gabbard and she had called Jill Stein a Russian asks a Russian asset to so when she said they are keeping their eye and someone in the primary the day that she was talking about was the Russians so Blair I err Blake or The Washington Post he says quote he tweeted quote Hillary Clinton doesn't just project that the Russians will support Tulsi Gabbard as a third party candidate she also calls Joel Stein quote a Russian asset I mean totally and quote give the full context so then they're saying in this one interview Clinton suggested that that Putin has stuff on trump that and wager Russians are gonna back Tulsi Gabbard and then they even had to Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill was even asked about it and he had even said if the nesting doll fits that was his direct quote so they say all this stuff right well then this is where it gets weird The New York Times in addition to the peace that came out originally that started all of this they published a secondary story that was more newsy it was old news here about her remarks and they initially reported that Hillary was referring to as red state noted the Russians as the ones who were grooming Gabbard right but then they changed their story without any notification to the reader and they now report that it was Republicans that Hillary Clinton was talking about not Russians and red state caught some tweets through Nick Meryl and with the error and correction so they did this piece and they and they and and Nick Meryl wrote they incorrectly quoted her even now remember Nick Meryl was asked and he said if the nesting doll fix remember he was asked so they say on Friday then your times did a piece about a podcast secretary Clinton did with David Plouffe they incorrectly quoted her as saying that the Russians were grooming a candidate running in the democratic primary they rightfully six to to reflect that she was talking about the GOP so they re worded that with a reward of this and they said that the Russian government on Friday Hillary Clinton just a pod of pockets of the Russian government and they changed it they literally change the story too I Republicans were grooming they changed the words so what if I had a transcript red state found it and they published the whole transcript but the thing is is that Nick Meryl himself confirmed a week ago that she was talking about Russians and then changed it and it was a coordinated effort regardless it's still incredibly insulting to Tulsi Gabbard she called her a Russian assets any any correction even if no matter what it does it doesn't change that so this is there too because they knew that it was so bad what she had done so they tried to run interference for her and you're supposed to trust the media just FYI you're supposed to trust them this is one in five U. S. news room employees I was gonna get this letter but I want to bring it up now one in five of these employees live in New York Los Angeles or DC this is from pew research they did this whole strip study on it one in every five journalists a lead to add New York at twelve percent has a greater share of all newsroom employees editors writers photographers whatever newspaper broadcasting internet wishing and then it goes into that's twice the one that's twice the amount that are in Los Angeles in DC they have five percent and the ten largest U. S. metro areas by total population only New York and Washington are home to larger shares of newsroom employees then US workers and they're about yeah and your newsroom employees are about twice as likely to live in New York Washington a Los Angeles my point in bringing that up where I am is that I think when you are in a bubble you forget what the rest of the world is like and I think it makes it easier for these people to justify the actions that they do right justifies their behavior so if you have Nick Meryl telling your times it's not what she said even though very clear very clearly it is then you can justify it because you're in that sphere all the time these are the only people that you talk to it's a becomes a very incestuous severe you you you begin talking with these people as as I was saying you know these I FBI agents and that the Peter strikes and Lisa pages and all of this one of the things that was that was being looked at by a I G. 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