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To come up with a rhythm with his receivers and you can see it with michael thomas mann the way that thomas has elevated his game even this year the number of catches we knew that the saints were putting a lot of their eggs in the michael thomas receiving basket because of the trade they made the offseason with the pats so here's breeze who has is needed to be the feature horse so to speak he hasn't needed to be the number one guy he hasn't needed to propel his team or carry his team the season because they've had a fantastic run game and i had use the stat last week all use it again alvin kameri marquee ingram the first teammates in the history of the nfl to each go four 1500 yards from scrimmage in a single season so the two of them together had more than three thousand allpurpose yards us nerves gas or drew brees didn't need to be the guy who would who carry the team on his back and so you kinda forget that he still can be he only had forty three hundred yards passing this season but i think it's pretty obvious that if he didn't have those two running backs he could easily have surpassed five thousand yards and i happen to remember this because because he was my fantasy quarterback this year put they were games in which he didn't have touchdown passes i mean very games when he was content just handoff handoff handoff handoff and that's what makes this team built for the post season but don't overlook the fact that breeze we'll be thirty nine this time next week joe his birthday is a week from today he'll be thirty nine years old and all of the talk about tom brady as this year old quarterback and he deserves all of it he he may likely end up as an mvp but all the talk about his age i want people to forget drew brees is about to be thirty nine me think about some of the other quarterbacks we've seen a major drop off later in their careers meeting in carson palmer is a good example and i.

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