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Can't peninsula will continue to push northward rental watch for the possible development of low pressure tropical depression maybe even tropical storm in southern gulf mexico next couple of days overnight mostly cloudy low seventy five partly sunny on monday a stray shower thanks for possible high 95 he next one of the three dust todd work for the cia partly cloudy eighty three here the ktrh tump tax offenders 24 ever weather center it's eleven awan our top story multiple people are said to be injured in london and a possible terror attack we get the latest style from abc news right now in north london police investigating what they're calling a major incident of vehicle colliding with pedestrians as they were leaving the finsbury park mosque after prayers witnessed your main jackman by my mom amen the men and women were leaving the wall to go home to their family and friends of a love one police say one person is in custody eyewitnesses saying there were three attackers and the other two got away our colleague at the bbc jan francis kelly is at the scene eating the running very high it may then and they in the neighborhood deal at the end kill that had been injured were deliberately targeted because they were muslim now we know that we haven't had that and that is the feeling at those eyewitness as saying the alleged attacker was gleeful despite being apprehended the london ambulance service now saying the injured are being taken to hospitals authorities are not yet at this time calling this an attack dave packer abc news all the texas attorney general's office taking over the case of a former aleve coach whose murder conviction was overturned david temple was back in court friday when prosecutors from the augee's office said that they'll be taking dozens of boxes of evidence against him back to austin cases continuing apace in justice will be served this matter tim temple was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife but an appeals court overturned the conviction because the harris county district attorney's office withheld evidence he served ten years in prison before it was released last year i do on it shows the houston fire marshal's office is falling behind its own on its work.

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