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Madre joins us, Neil, Of course. The Fork report 2 to 5 P.m. on Saturdays at Fork Reporter and Sunday is Father's Day. So, Neil, What is Max doing for you? He's four. What do you think you're gonna do is gonna Asked me to make food for him. He's going to ask me to pick him up. He's going to ask me to play with them. You know, Typical, uh, Father's day with a four year old, uh, will be nice. We'll spend time by the pool. That's pretty much what it's going to be a lovely, lovely weekend. Yeah, that's pretty much what my kids do for me, you know, Would you make me some food? Uh, which pick me up around now to picking up part is Can you give me the codes to the trust fund? Things like that? Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. All right. So, uh, What do people typically do on Father's Day? You know, with Father's Day hitting in June, you're right in the middle of grilling season. You know, everybody's fired up. It's a really beautiful The weather has been gorgeous. Yesterday's Sunset was phenomenal here in Los Angeles and and wait a minute. What if the weather is phenomenal? It was 100 degrees. No, I said the the sunset. Okay, Beautiful 100 degrees is fine. Just, you know, Stay in the shade where shorts, you know, Put a wet towel on your head. Uh, yeah. I basically have a solar panel on my my head. So, uh, I take all the heat directly. So I think grilling is going to be really huge. As a matter of fact, a lot of places. You know our friends there, Corner butcher shop in Laverne and, of course, the butchery throughout Orange County. They've got great deals on meat and different kinds of cuts. And I think I'm seeing this all over the place. That's the thing you know There's the saying that dads don't do brunch. So which isn't true. I love me some brunch, but You know if they're into grilling, get out their grill. If you're new to grilling and you're thinking, you know, this father's day is gonna be the day that I do It, um, really simple things we grill in California. We don't tend to barbecue, which means grilling is high heat for shorter amount of time. Good for hot dogs and And hamburgers and things like that. I want to bring something up. And that is, uh, hamburgers and hot dogs. Hot dogs are easy. Uh, hamburgers are a little harder. It is even though it is not complicated. Grilling properly is hard. For example, you've got chicken. Uh, it's hard not to overcook the chicken on on a grill. And it's just it's always found him to drink with chicken chicken. Most people do breasts. Breasts are are difficult for one major reason. They're teardrop. That means they have a thick side. And then he pointed thin side. So if you get the fixed side cooked than the thin side is going to be overcooked, there's ways to deal with this. The best way to cook on a grill is multi zone cooking, and I don't care if it's gas. I don't care if it's charcoal or solid fuel. You want to have one side That's hot for searing and one side that maybe you don't have any charcoal underneath. You don't have any gas lit at all. And that will get the residual heat. So what I would do is, um in the in the case or something like that you would turn the thicker part of the chicken breast. Towards the hotter part of the grill and let the teardrop point point towards the cooler part. Uh, things like that make it much better get a good thermometer. The thickest part of in the case of a Breast of chicken. The thickest part should Finally, it's final temperature should be 1 65, But if you cook it to 1 65 is going to go to 1 71 75 in residual heat, so always take it off about 58 degrees. Underneath it being done. The residual heat will take it to perfection and have people cook at overcook it right. And how many people actually are aware of that and think that through because, uh, even I, uh, I'm aware of that. And I think this stuff through because of you mainly, uh and that is when I make my meat loaf, for example. I've got to pull it out of the oven. I.

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