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And and carry on Golden golden and say the words out loud as we walk and ground ourselves and began. I look around is see. It's lyrics to that song. Look around these brown. Although there is no patch of snow on the ground here in california Not in the mountains. Although that's not that's not a bad idea. See how we're guided. I will do i'm called now to go to the mountains to do a podcast. And that's what's kind of nice about where we are here. Mountains are not too far away at all and Yes indeed there is snow. Obviously everybody wants to be safe and bring your chains and Do your thing and stay safety. I too and like i said with the grounding. You don't necessarily want to go out barefoot in the snow or in the cold weather. Stay safe and st well again. We don't we want to protect ourselves. Here this is about being what we can for the immune system and being outdoors is always good. If you can't but like as i mentioned to the grounding can take place indoors as well so here's to stability being grounded being a part of the solution in the world. Something about going barefoot. Find the right shoes near shoes or not and see maybe about the sheets the sleeping scenario. And maybe that's not for you you'll know and the same thing goes for The grass for the oceans lakes whatever. Ground it also puts you on another level. We were talking yesterday. Sadly about the chaos in the world and the instability and so many people simply need to get out and away and get ego out of the way and see things from another perspective and get a you know a new perception on things rather than being in that tunnel vision a ego and power driven money property prestige and breathe in all this beautiful air and find a way or a place to go to. And i'm gonna snap a picture here because the light is golden. I'm going to stop and take a picture and i will Send take a deep breath. Now and i'll be quiet. You can hear the ambiance. And i thank you for listening stay grounded. And this is maureen from quarantine the podcast pop up podcast Gora hill going to snap that picture. Now thank you for listening.

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