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The mark blazer show day man Atreus Stanley Josh sees yeah I gotta ask you this because this happened in this has nothing to I don't even know Bob Kendrick but you know he was he was off the air for a while and he will be back next week according to station again she actually said he was going to be back she talked about it yesterday just briefly toward the end of when she was on with us and there was a you know that he would he had done something I guess on his Facebook page you need today may I call upon the air it was actual an apology I need called people that we're kicking in doors breaking windows the looters not the looters necessarily but they were committing crimes a clearing or destruction of property they were being thugs unanimous easy call them animals and I guess there was a some backlash so what I want to know because I want to talk about the call from you yeah is is is supposedly that term animals you can't say that because it's racially sensitive here here's the here's the game my friend here's the game right hi Jack a word they do they do they will hijack it but here's the thing the people that went at Bob Kendrick for using the term and they're calling he called people is the first is the worst fog right trump says thugs black people or white people say oh my god he's call them black people thugs no he didn't because there were white people there were black people you're calling black people thugs stop stop putting how you feel on others and I feel like Bob Kendrick got caught in that very same moment it's that's what they do they take these things in a few calls from you say a word all you call the minimum I will you call black people and no I guarantee well they were getting it on his personal account I believe so and I believe so and it was it was it is it on the news broadcast he wasn't like they're acting like a bunch of animals it wasn't it was like a part but here's the thing D. that I have a problem with with that you can like just because somebody black says you can't say you can't call people animals that's a racially and sent that word means non human here's the thing doesn't mean black white liberal deliberate the white liberal did that the white liberal put it in the black people's minds to do that now that's a white liberal thing they think they're changing the world they think they're making the world a better place they're doing nothing but ruin fun and did a lot they don't envision right here's a here's another car our argument we got into it my family there's liberals or whatever here's the thing you'll tell me to treat you or treat them equal but you're telling me to treat them equal because they're gay black Asian or whatever you're the one that's causing the division that person is a normal person to me I see them they may be gay but I'm going to treat him like a human being that and then there's the other piece but then they say where the races and we're dividing but then they tell me to treat them equal or treat these people equal because they're gay no treating equal because there do you think it is right Helen before workday right right yeah and and I did I get into debates about this and that oh no you need to recognize they need representation what what represented Robert representation do I need to give them that they're human being is not gay like he is it that you think that they are self projecting their own so loosely onto you on to the other yes because no one else things like that but them so therefore it must be there some conscious thoughts they're having I don't know I don't get it yeah David should broke drew Brees have apologized oh boy where we're at that's great all right is to be continued on that we got a whole list of questions for Dimitrius today hi again.

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